Top 15 worst fights in 90 Day Fiance history

90 Day Fiance brings forth reality TV situations that are high in stress, where the cast members are vulnerable, and judgment is leering. Within that matrix, there have been moments of escalation that have led to some pretty memorable fights over the years. The fights have historically escalated from arguments over jealousy, control, malcontent, or


What happened to Jonathan Rivera on 90 Day Fiance?

Jonathan Rivera starred in Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance with Fernanda Flores, who he met in Mexico while on vacation. However, the former couple went their separate ways less than a year after getting married in 2018. The 90 Day Fiance alum has not appeared on the series since, leaving viewers wondering what happened


90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera ends Instagram hiatus – Hints move to Michigan

90 Day Fiance alum Jonathan Rivera made a surprising return to Instagram after months of being on hiatus. Fernanda Flores’s ex-husband opted to steer clear from social media shortly after announcing his engagement to Janelle Miller. It seems to be a smart move for Jonathan as he continues to enjoy a drama-free relationship with his


90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores still affected by Jonathan Rivera?

90 Day Fiance stars Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera already went their separate ways but their names continue to get tangled with each other. The ex-couple seemed to have move on from their failed marriage — Jonathan is engaged while Fernanda is living her American dream. But Fernanda’s segment on The Single Life got fans


Fernanda Flores ditches Chicago, announces new start in Miami

90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores is giving up Chicago and is heading to the East Coast to start an ‘exciting’ new life in Miami. The Mexican reality TV star took to her Instagram account to reveal to her fans that she is making a big move to Miami. Fernanda didn’t explain why she decided