Did MAFS alum Jasmina Outar just soft-launch her new man?

Jasmina Outar had Married at First Sight fans in a tizzy over the weekend after she seemingly teased the new man in her life. The social butterfly shared snaps and videos of her night out, and one post in particular showed her holding hands with a mystery guy. She also posted a video that teased


MAFS Season 14 update: What happened to Jasmina and Michael?

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency had all the makings of a great couple, but, for some reason, they couldn’t make it work. The Married at First Sight Season 14 alums had a good thing going when they first tied the knot. At some point, Jasmina put her husband in the friend zone, and they were


MAFS: Jasmina Outar reacts to being a ‘poster girl’ 

Jasmina Outar was an expressive member of Married at First Sight Season 14, and her expressions have made her a “poster girl.” The MAFS star posted a screenshot of her face plastered on a Buzzfeed article and shared her reaction.  Jasmina appeared on MAFS Season 14 in Boston and married Michael Morency.  Michael and Jasmina


Jasmina Outar stuns in simple white wedding gown

Jasmina Outar was back in wedding gowns for a recent post.  The last time viewers saw Jasmina in a wedding dress, she was getting married to a stranger. Jasmina was matched with Michael Morency on Married at First Sight Season 14.  While Jasmina and Michael were hopeful of finding love, they ultimately divorced.  Jasmina has


MAFS: Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode enjoy ‘table for 2’ in stylish outfits

Married at First Sight aims to match singles with someone they are compatible with, hoping they can establish a lasting relationship. They’ve accomplished their goal quite a few times. However, some of their biggest success stories ended up being friendships and not marriages. Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode were stars of Season 14 of MAFS.


Jasmina Outar rocks mini skirt in ‘last minute’ ensemble

Jasmina Outar proved she could make anything stylish, even if it’s last minute, with her recent ensemble.  The Married at First Sight Season 14 star is known for her stunning makeup looks and sense of style. During one of Jasmina’s latest outings, she kept her outfit cute and casual while highlighting her toned legs and


Noi Phommasak calls Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode her ‘mafs lovers’

Noi Phommasak has had the support of her MAFS costars as she experiences a season of loss.  Noi married Steve Moy on Married at First Sight Season 14, and the couple agreed to stay married on Decision Day. However, their relationship took a turn away from cameras.  Not long after the MAFS Season 14 reunion,


Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode channel Cosmo and Wanda in pink and green

Married at First Sight Season 14 resulted in one couple remaining married and many friendships being formed among the cast.  Two MAFS Season 14 cast members that became very close are Katina Goode and Jasmina Outar.  While their season is over, Katina and Jasmina continue to spend time together and even recently went out to