Jasmina Outar shines bright in colorful top, shows off voluminous hair and skin-burn

Jasmina Outar
Jasmina Outar debuted on Married at First Sight Season 14 in Boston. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina Outar parties with a pop of color over the weekend. 

The Married at First Sight Season 14 star mixed colors and drinks for a night out with friends. 

Jasmina also shared how fans’ bullying’ led her to get burned. 

Jasmina Outar rocks vibrant top and colorful drinks 

Jasmina Outar took to her Instagram Stories to share photos of herself in a flattering pink and orange top as she partied with friends. 

In Jasmina’s first photo, she shared one of her signature flawless car selfies as she channeled her inner model by angling her hand and face to show off her features. 

Jasmina’s vibrant top was visible with pink and orange crisscrossing for an eye-catching display. 

Over the photo, Jasmina wrote, “Like who tf am I & what is this arm placement.” 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina also shared a crystal clear photo of her at a venue holding drinks in each hand as she poked her tongue out. 

More of Jasmina’s outfit was shown in the photo as the layered top revealed a peek of her chest and toned abdomen. Jasmina paired the colorful top with denim jeans. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina also snapped a selfie at the end of the night to show how her hair was impacted by all the dancing and partying. 

Jasmina smiled with her hair not as slicked down as it was at the end of the night as she appeared to sweat her hair out throughout the evening. 

Text over Jasmina’s face read, “Lmaoooo party done once the hair puffs.”

While her hair changed over the night, her pretty soft glam makeup still looked intact.  

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina Outar burns skin doing a hair tutorial 

Jasmina’s growing fan base loves her fashion sense and stunning hair and makeup looks. 

Many fans have asked Jasmina for hair tutorials, and she revealed that her attempt at a tutorial ended in a burn on her arm. 

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jasmina shared a chic photo of herself, again in a car seat, while wearing a punching white top, gold necklace, and brown sunglasses. 

Jasmina posed for the camera while having a fantastic hair day as her voluminous soft curls cascaded down her shoulder. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

In a second post, Jasmina placed her sunglasses on top of her head and filmed a burn on her upper arm as she explained how she was hurt in the process of doing her hair.

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina wrote, “Ya bullied me into doing a hair tutorial and I did and burned myself, ya gotta pay for damages.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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