Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode channel Cosmo and Wanda in pink and green

Jasmina Outar
Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode show off their night-out looks. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Married at First Sight Season 14 resulted in one couple remaining married and many friendships being formed among the cast. 

Two MAFS Season 14 cast members that became very close are Katina Goode and Jasmina Outar. 

While their season is over, Katina and Jasmina continue to spend time together and even recently went out to celebrate a year of friendship. 

During one of their latest outings, Katina and Jasmina went out for drinks and rocked pops of color. 

Jasmina and Katina posed in green and pink, respectively, as they flaunted their figures. 

Jasmina noted how their outfits resembled the colors of the fairies in Nickelodeon’s The Fairlyodd Parents. 

Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode make a splash in pink and green 

Jasmina Outar took to her Instagram Stories to share photos and videos from her time with Katina Goode. 

In one video, Jasmina faced the camera towards Katina as she ate, drank, and danced in a form-fitting hot pink outfit. Katina showed some skin and her tattoos in the vibrant pink one-shoulder ensemble. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina showed off her own outfit in another post as she rocked a lined green strapless jumpsuit. Jasmina completed the look with jewelry, a manicure, and her voluminous tresses in soft waves. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Giving a full body shot, Jasmina shared another photo of her standing in the outfit as she placed up two peace signs and made a kissing face for the camera. Jasmina also kicked up a leg showing off her transparent high heels. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

In another snap on her Instagram Stories, Jasmina shared a close-up shot of the pink fabric from Katina’s outfit and the green fabric from her own jumpsuit. 

Jasmina wrote over the photo, “Cosmo and Wanda back at it again,” and she included stickers of The Fairly OddParents characters Cosmo and Wanda with their signature pink and green hair. 

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Katina and Jasmina rocked ‘Cosmo and Wanda’ colors on Afterparty 

Katina and Jasmina’s recent “Cosmo and Wanda” moment wasn’t their first. 

Previously, Jasmina and Katina wore similar colors during their appearance on Afterparty when their season of MAFS was airing. 

Katina again wore bright pink in a long sleeve jumpsuit, and Jasmina wore a silky green dress with a unique bodice and one long sleeve. 

Jasmina posted a photo of the two ladies in their Afterparty attire and referenced The Fairly OddParents again in the second slide of the post and in her caption, where she quoted lyrics from The Fairly OddParents theme song. 

Jasmina wrote, “It’s giving giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, CHOCOLATE SHAKE.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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