Big Brother winner Cody Calafiore addresses falling out with Nicole Franzel

Big Brother 16 introduced the world to Cody Calafiore. Cody finished second place to Derrick Levassuer that season and was invited back to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2 (BB22). Cody almost made Big Brother look too easy in his second attempt. He was part of a strong alliance and had several deals that helped


Donny Thompson from Big Brother 16 shares a health scare

Chew your food. That’s the message Big Brother alum Donny Thompson shared. To be more specific, Donny said, “chew y’alls food really good,” from a hospital bed where he was preparing to go through a procedure. Donny explained how he “was eating some chicken” at “90 miles an hour,” and it got stuck in his


Amber Borzotra from Big Brother 16 gives birth, shares beautiful photo

Amber Borzotra is the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl. The Big Brother 16 alum just revealed that she gave birth on May 29 to Sunny Fox Palmer. For a while, Amber has been updating her followers with pregnancy photos. But this past week, the big day finally arrived. Many other Big Brother alums


Big Brother recruits: What are they and who are some famous ones?

Big Brother recruits are a big part of the show. It’s been that way for a while and is likely to continue. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the recruits have become fan favorites over the years. So, what are Big Brother recruits? Sometimes producers come across people they feel will be great


Big Brother winner Derrick Levasseur got to meet his hero

Derrick Levasseur, who won Big Brother 16, just shared on social media that he got to meet his hero. It was back in the 2014 season that Big Brother fans got to know Derrick. Putting together strong alliances and a final two agreement with Cody Calafiore helped lead Derrick right to the end. On the


Big Brother 16 alum Christine Varner asks for help with lost dog

Christine Varner from the Big Brother 16 cast is asking for help to find her missing dog. Now going by Christine Kominek after getting married in 2021, she was part of the BB16 season Derrick Levasseur won. And at the time of the show, she also went by Christine Brecht. Taking to TikTok, Christine shared


Big Brother winner said that they were recruited to be on the show

Big Brother winner Cody Calafiore stated during a recent live stream that he was recruited to be on Big Brother 16. As a member of the BB16 cast, Cody aligned with Derrick Levasseur, and the duo made it all the way to the end of the season. While it was Derrick that ended up becoming


Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16 just got married

Frankie Grande, the energetic houseguest from Big Brother 16, just revealed that he got married. It was in June of 2021 that Frankie got engaged to Hale Leon, an actor that he had been dating for a while. And now, the couple has gone public with the news that they recently got married in a