Big Brother winner Cody Calafiore addresses falling out with Nicole Franzel

Cody On BB16
Cody Calafiore was the second person sent packing on Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Big Brother 16 introduced the world to Cody Calafiore.

Cody finished second place to Derrick Levassuer that season and was invited back to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2 (BB22).

Cody almost made Big Brother look too easy in his second attempt. He was part of a strong alliance and had several deals that helped him to the end.

The BB22 jury unanimously voted for Cody to become the Big Brother 22 winner.

The final days of the season were a bit rocky, though. Cody made it to finale night with two people he had promised loyalty to.

Cody was working closely with Enzo Palumbo, but he was also close with Nicole Franzel. Cody and Nicole appeared on BB16 together and had a friendship in the real world.

But when Cody chose to take Enzo to the end over Nicole, it gutted the Big Brother 18 winner.

Cody Calafiore speaks about falling out with Nicole Franzel

Sharon Tharp conducted a new interview with Cody where he talked about Big Brother, The Challenge, and Nicole.

Cody noted when the season was over, Nicole said she needed time to get over what had happened. He said he understood that.

“There was Enzo and Nicole. I couldn’t tell you who I was closer with on that season. I loved them both equally,” Cody told Sharon.

He added that he didn’t think Nicole would ever cut him.

Later, Cody notes that they still haven’t talked yet, and he mentions Nicole talking about him on a recent podcast.

Below is a clip from the interview where Cody talks about Nicole.

Full interview with Cody Calafiore

Cody talked for a long time with Sharon and answered questions about his time on The Traitors, how he was supposed to be on The Challenge, and what was up with Big Brother 25.

During part of the interview, Cody talks about his interactions with Cirie Fields. Cody and Cirie appeared on Season 1 of The Traitors US, and now she is part of the BB25 cast.

Fans of Cody Calafiore should check out the full interview video below.

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One former player has already reacted to a topic covered in the interview above.

Janelle Pierzina spoke about pre-gaming on BB22 and how she blamed much of it on a former friend.

Back in the BB25 house, Cirie Fields talked about playing Big Brother again and what she would say if the producers asked her to return.

Fresh rumors about an all-winner season of Big Brother have surfaced. Would Cody want to play again?

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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