Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur shares his big idea to change the game, and his major regret from BB16

Big Brother 16 Finale
Derrick Levasseur is still remembered well for becoming the Big Brother 16 winner. Pic credit: CBS

Derrick Levasseur became the Big Brother 16 winner during Summer 2014, making a name for himself on reality television that has extended into his endeavors since then.

Heading up an extremely strong alliance within the BB16 cast, the duo of Derrick and Cody Calafiore controlled nearly the entire season. It led to Derrick taking home the $500,000 and Cody finishing in second place.

Recently, Cody and his brother performed an amusing dance at the wedding for their sister.

Now, Derrick has taken part in a new interview about his time on the show, where he talked a lot about what it was like to play the game, a major change that he would like to see take place, and the regret that has stuck with him from his time playing Big Brother.

Derrick Levasseur has a Power of Veto idea

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Derrick said that he would like to see the show allow everyone to play in the Veto Competition each week. Currently, only six people play for it, and the players are the Head of Household, the nominees for eviction, and additional people are drawn to play each week.

“It would decrease the potential for a prearranged plan to go into effect where they all are going to go after this one person. It would lessen the odds that someone who’s on the block could win. I just think it would bring more value to the game,” Derrick said about his idea.

Derrick Levasseur shares his Big Brother regret

Talking about his experience on the show, Derrick stated that his biggest regret was not winning the final Head of Household Competition of the summer. Cody won that one and then elected to take Derrick with him to the final two.

“I would have loved to have won that final HOH, taken Cody, and not have him have to deal with what he had to deal with after our season because he really got a bad rap even though anybody who knows Big Brother knows how incredible of a player he was. That’s why I was so glad he went back on All-Stars and proved to everyone that’s how great he really is,” Derrick said about his friend Cody.

As Derrick talked about, Cody was invited back to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2, where he was part of another alliance that controlled the game the entire summer. He made it to the final two with Enzo Palumbo, where Cody was unanimously selected as the Big Brother 22 winner.

Big Brother 24 notes

A new season of Big Brother is coming to CBS for Summer 2022. The BB24 cast is made up of all-new people, with a $750,000 prize on the line for the winner. It will be a chance for the fans to cheer on some new blood and for the producers to get some more fan-favorite houseguests for a possible return in the future.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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