Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16 just got married

Frankie Grande BB16
BB16 houseguest Frankie Grande is now married. Pic credit: CBS

Frankie Grande, the energetic houseguest from Big Brother 16, just revealed that he got married.

It was in June of 2021 that Frankie got engaged to Hale Leon, an actor that he had been dating for a while.

And now, the couple has gone public with the news that they recently got married in a small ceremony down in Florida.

Big Brother 16 was where many fans of the show got to know the brother of Ariana Grande, and he played the game really hard.

Frankie moved between several different alliances, finishing in fifth place when Caleb Reynolds put him on the block next to Victoria Rafaeli.

On the BB16 finale night, Frankie voted for Derrick Levasseur to win over Cody Calafiore. Big Brother fans also voted for Donny Thompson to be America’s Favorite Houseguest that summer.

Frankie Grande shares wedding photos with announcement

“Introducing Mr. & Mr. Grande Yup! We’re MARRIED! Surprise! Hale and I were married at a small intimate galactic ceremony in my family home in Florida on May the 4th be with you, cause we really are both that nerdy,” Frankie wrote on social media posts that accompanied photos of the big day.

“It was the most beautiful ceremony, officiated by my incredible mother, and it brought us even closer together as we took our vows before our immediate families and before God! Special thank you to Dolce & Gabbana for dressing us in these one of a kind tuxedos! We adore them!” Frankie wrote in a follow-up post.

More news from Big Brother

In other news from the world of Big Brother, BB22 vets Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are getting married. The couple has a ceremony taking place later in May, and they actually met for the first time while playing on All-Stars 2.

Previously married Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are expecting another baby. They already have two kids, and a third one is slated to arrive this summer. Cody shared a new pregnancy photo of Jessica while celebrating Mother’s Day.

And it also looks like the Big Brother 24 start date is on track to arrive this summer as well, with a brand new group of houseguests trying to become the latest winner. Recently, it looked like producers wanted more BB24 applicants.

To see Frankie Grande in action during the Big Brother 16 season, fans can stream episodes from that summer on Paramount+. That’s also where the newest season of Celebrity Big Brother can be found.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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