Big Brother 24 cast may not have enough applicants

Nicole And Cody Big Brother
Big Brother winners Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore playing games on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 cast is getting put together for a Summer 2022 season, but some interesting news has come out in regard to applicants for the show.

It looks like the Big Brother 24 start date is still on track. So that’s good news when it comes to fans finally getting to see a new group of houseguests playing the game.

What is a bit more interesting, though, is that there may not have been enough applicants to make producers happy about the casting decisions for this season.

For any Big Brother fans who may have wanted to see if they have what it takes to win the big cash prize, this may have opened the door for another shot at being on the show.

Not enough applicants for Big Brother 24?

“As of May 7, they have caught up with all submissions but want more. There’s less submissions for BB24 than in the past. #BBCAN10 #BB24,” reads a new Twitter post from SpoilerGirl1.

This is a Twitter account that posts a lot about Big Brother and CBS soap operas, presumably updating fans of the show on what is taking place. And if they are correct, then the producers are looking for more people to fill out applications to be on Big Brother 24.

BB24 Applications
Big Brother producers may want more applicants. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Online application for Big Brother 24 and beyond

An online portal for Big Brother applications is still up and running for the BB24 cast. That’s where hopeful houseguests can submit applications to possibly play on the Summer 2022 season or on an installment in the future.

The applications do take a bit of time to fill out, but it appears to still be a way for someone to hop into the casting process this spring. It’s not clear how long the application for the BB24 cast will remain up, but people who apply could also be considered during the casting process for BB25 (if it is ordered by CBS).

And as a reminder, the cash prize has been raised to $750,000 as of Big Brother 23. That’s the prize that Xavier Prather got to take home when he was named the Big Brother 2021 winner.

As a reminder, Big Brother fans can watch past seasons of the show by streaming them on Paramount+. That’s also where people can go watch the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother that recently aired in January 2022.

And for anyone who hasn’t heard, Big Brother vets Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett are getting married soon.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS in Summer 2022.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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LateNightCrew (@LNCRides)
LateNightCrew (@LNCRides)
2 years ago

Stop using SpoilerGirl as a source. SEVERAL LIES TOLD!