A Million Little Things Season 3 winter finale preview: The Talk

On the A Million Little Things winter finale for Season 3 called The Talk, the friend group is going through a number of issues. Perhaps the most dramatic case is with Eddie, who shows he is no longer able to stay clean. In fact, it seems as if this forlorn addict doesn’t even want to


A Million Little Things recap for Season 3, Episode 3: Things aren’t what they seem

On Thursday’s A Million Little Things episode called Letting Go, Katherine gleans what she considers pertinent information about Alex’s dad. Before her law office’s investigation, she did not know that the man in the red truck who knocked on her door is the same guy whose daughter died one night when the 15-year-old was with


A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 2 recap: Eddie breaks down

Eddie had a tough week on A Million Little Things. As he came to terms with the realities of life without the use of his legs, his core friends were there to push him along — both figuratively and literally. During the second episode of Season 3,  Gary found Eddie alone and helpless in his


A Million Little Things recap: The problem with Eddie

A Million Little Things finally returned for the Season 3 premiere. When we last saw Eddie, he had been hit by a car. He was crossing the street and talking on the phone at the time. What he did not know was that someone in a red truck was watching him. That same man showed