A Million Little Things Season 3 premiere spoilers: Eddie’s accident may have been planned

A Million Little Things returns on November 19
Friends surround Katherine as they wait for news about Eddie. Pic. credit: ABC

On the Season 3 premiere of A Million Little Things, the gang gathers at a Boston hospital. They comfort Katherine (Grace Park) in the waiting room while waiting to hear about Eddie’s (David Giuntoli) condition.

The musician and father of one suffered a bad accident, as witnessed at the end of the Season 2 finale.

During the Season 3 premiere, the action picks up only seconds after Eddie was hit by a speeding car. He had been crossing the city street while talking on his cell phone to his wife Katherine when a car crashed into him.

Who hit Eddie on A Million Little Things?

A spoiler in an A Million Little Things video (seen below) appears to indicate that the person who probably hit Eddie may have done so with forethought. Or, perhaps he just made a mistake.

While speeding down the street, weaving in and out of traffic at a hectic pace, the vehicle’s driver calls 911 to report the accident.

The person on the other end of the line queries the man commandeering the careening car.

He accurately answers a question about whether or not the driver was still on the scene. For that query, he responds, “No. No. They drove off.”

The guy was apparently talking about himself with that answer.

Next, he is asked for his name. Not willing to divulge that information, the driver simply cuts the call short and continues to drive like a maniac.

ABC provided a synopsis of the upcoming A Million Little Things episode called, Hit and Run.

In the short accounting of Season 3, Episode 1, the network states that “Katherine leans on their beloved group of friends for support” after hearing about her husband’s accident.

The synopsis continues, adding, “Meanwhile, Rome and Regina face a tough decision about the future of their family, and Delilah sees how her kids are thriving and wants the same for herself. Maggie jump-starts her new life in Oxford, while Gary continues to navigate his new relationship with Darcy.”

Allison Miller (Maggie) and James Roday Rodriguez (Gary) were interviewed by the local ABC channel WKOW.

The pair did not let on much about what happens on tonight’s show, but they did talk about filming A Million Little Things during the pandemic.

For instance, all the actors get tested for COVID-19 twice a week, every week.

All precautions are in place, including social distancing regulations, PPE, and mask-wearing.

“We are pretty much filming up here in a bubble,” Allison stated, referring to Vancouver which stands in for Boston on the series.

“We’re not going to shy away from the pandemic (during this season of A Million Little Things), James chimes in.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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