A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 4 recap: Communication is key in The Talk

Katherine and Eddie Have a Candid Conversation About Sex - A Million Little Things 0-54 screenshot
On A Million Little Things, Katherine and Eddie share intimate information with each other. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things closed out the first part of Season 3 on December 17 with Episode 4 titled The Talk.

During the episode, it seems nearly everyone in the friend group needed to up their communication skills. They need to do so to get their real feelings across to the important people in their lives.

Take Eddie as an example.

He and Katherine discover that Theo has apparently become interested in sex.

The precocious 10-year-old left his search history on his mom’s iPad, indicating that he searched for “big boobs.”

Katherine thinks Eddie is the culprit, but then they both realize it was T who wondered about the size and appearance of a woman’s mammary glands.

After that, they also realize it is time for, well, the talk.

During their sitdown about the proverbial birds and the bees, his parents realize Theo is up on a lot of what is happening in the world of sex.

However, this incident brings up a problem Katherine is having with her husband. The two haven’t made love since the accident that rendered him paralyzed. Sadly, she feels that maybe he doesn’t want to or can’t get close to her in that way any longer.

After they finally start to talk about this, the truth comes out.

It is Eddie who is the one who fears intimacy with Katherine since he is no longer the rock star he was when they met.

“My body is broken, and I don’t know how to use it and I’m probably a little embarrassed to try to figure it out with you,” he told his wife.

She responded by letting him know she was more than willing to try.

Rome and Shaunice bond over a common condition

Meanwhile, in Rome’s world, the lead actress in his movie shadows Regina so she can play her in her husband’s film as she actually is in real life.

As the two bond over dough, Shanice learns that Rome takes medication for depression. She also learns that he wrote a suicide note to Regina and nearly took his own life when John jumped off his office balcony to his death.

Shaunice makes an excuse to leave Regina’s kitchen earlier than expected, causing Regina to think that maybe she should not have divulged such personal stuff about her husband.

However, after being called into an emergency meeting by Shaunice, Rome learns that she, too, suffers from depression. In fact, she had to bail on her last gig as a highly paid actress to be hospitalized due to that depression.

Because of their shared health condition, Shaunice presses Rome to finish his movie about John’s suicide and about his life. She believes the film will help others like them who are not always open about their feelings.

Maggie and Jamie are also featured in The Talk

In Oxford, Maggie woke up late after having sex with Jamie the night before. When she did, she found a danish and coffee waiting for her in the empty apartment.

Although eager to eat the pastry, she is not eager to have a committed relationship with her British roommate. She ultimately delivers that news to him that evening.

His response surprises her.

Jamie lets Maggie know he feels the same way, having just come out of a failed marriage. He does like her, though, and hopes they can just be chill about how they relate going forward.

He also lets her know that the danish was for him, not her.

Like Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things won’t return for the next episode until March 4.

ABC’s A Million Little Things is on extended hiatus.

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