A Million Little Things Season 3 winter finale preview: The Talk

Eddie and Katherine on A Million Little Things
On A Million Little Things, Katherine doesn’t seem to suspect that Eddie has resorted to desperate measures after becoming paralyzed. Pic credit: ABC

On the A Million Little Things winter finale for Season 3 called The Talk, the friend group is going through a number of issues.

Perhaps the most dramatic case is with Eddie, who shows he is no longer able to stay clean.

In fact, it seems as if this forlorn addict doesn’t even want to be sober. After all, he wouldn’t have lost the feeling in his legs if hadn’t been at a bar dealing with the consequences regarding the death of his teen love around the time the accident happened.

Eddie thought he had killed his childhood sweetheart

Eddie believed he had killed Alex. He thought it was because of her that she drowned.

However, after being mowed down by an unknown near-assailant as he crossed the street while talking on the phone to Katherine — and thinking that it was Alex’s father who was the culprit — he learned the truth.

The Reverend was not driving the red vehicle that hit him but he was the person who covered up his daughter’s death. And that happened after Eddie passed out from drinking too much and then she later passed away from the negative effects of illegal drug consumption.

Had he known the real story, Eddie believed he would not have been in the bar the night he was hit. He, therefore, believed he would not currently be paralyzed if he had known the whole story.

Eddie falls off the wagon on A Million Little Things

And so, the recovering addict finally succumbed to his pain, both physical and otherwise, by falling off the wagon.

In the A Millon Little Things preview, he is seen replacing his prescription bottle with aspirin while hiding the bulk of his medicine, which is presumably an opioid of some sort.

Just as he finishes making this switch, Katherine enters the kitchen. She asks if Eddie wants to tell her what is going on even though she holds back on the reason behind her question.

Also according to the preview for A Million Little Things’ Season 3, Episode 4, Rome appears to be rattled. The official ABC synopsis for The Talk states that he “struggles with his movie and finds an ally in Shanice.”

Meanwhile, in Oxford, Maggie and Jamie seem to have become more than friends. The wrinkle comes when she warns him that she is not interested in a serious relationship, or at least not at the moment.

So will Eddie overcome his addictive habits once again? Will Rome have some explaining to do to Regina after getting close to Shanice? And, will Maggie convince Jamie that they have a good thing going by keeping things the way they are?

Stay tuned.

A Million Little Things airs on Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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