A Million Little Things recap for Season 3, Episode 3: Things aren’t what they seem

Katherine learns some news on A Million Little Things
Katherine suspects something’s up on the A Million Little Things. Pic credit: ABC

On Thursday’s A Million Little Things episode called Letting Go, Katherine gleans what she considers pertinent information about Alex’s dad.

Before her law office’s investigation, she did not know that the man in the red truck who knocked on her door is the same guy whose daughter died one night when the 15-year-old was with a drunk Eddie back in his youth.

This situation haunted Eddie, making him believe he was being punished for that indiscretion.

After sifting through the evidence with Carter being especially thorough, the two become certain that the driver of the red vehicle was also the man who plowed into Eddie.

So, Katherine decided to call the police.

After all, this man had been to their family’s house more than once. She had met him and so had T. It was just a matter of time before Eddie was alone with the scary guy.

Eddie learns his fate on A Million Little Things

Time was up for the man in the wheelchair during the December 10 episode of A Million Little Things.

After working out with Darcy, she leaves and Reverend Stewart arrives at the front door.

Eddie wheels himself to meet the guy whose daughter he harmed. He asks him how her dad knows their address, and the answer freaks him out even more.

“I followed your wife and Theo back from the hospital,” he says, seemingly in a sinister manner.

Red vehicles are scary on A Million Little Things

Right about this time back at the law office, Katherine and Cater learn that the pastor is not their guy.

Yes, he drives a red truck. But, the police say that after taking a look at security camera footage from the crime scene, they know his vehicle was not involved. The vehicle that almost killed Eddie was, in fact, a red SUV.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, the Saville home, Eddie is in tears.

He apologizes to Alex’s father and says that had he been sober, he could have been able to pull Alex out of the water where she drowned.

Sadly, he doesn’t remember all the gory details about that night after the two headed out on the lake in a small boat.

The Reverend interrupts his daughter’s former boyfriend.

After he puts his head down in shame, he admits to Eddie that Alex didn’t die in his company.

The truth is that after Eddie and Alex went swimming that night, the pair came back to shore whereupon Eddie promptly passed out.

Then, Alex and her sister Colleen consumed some unknown drugs of the illegal variety. Sadly, Alex had a negative reaction to said drugs and her heart simply gave out.

Colleen admitted all of this to their father, who did not want to ruin Colleen’s life with the truth.

So, after her confession, she was told to go to bed.

At that point, he took Alex’s body out into the lake so it would seem as if she had drowned.

He admits he was only thinking about how his lie would affect his own family but he forgot about how it would affect Eddie. Hence the reason for the Reverend’s visit. He was there to make amends.

Why was Alex’s dad at the scene of Eddie’s crime?

As for his truck being present at the exact place where Eddie was hit?

The Reverand was there but he was the person who called 911 when he saw what had happened.

Then, he peeled out in his red vehicle to hunt down the person driving the red SUV that hit his daughter’s boyfriend.

Eddie was not able to deal with the truth.

After all, he was now stuck in a wheelchair, perhaps for the rest of his life. And for what? He could not comprehend any real reason.

With that realization, Eddie doesn’t seem to care when he finally takes one of his pain pills after struggling thus far without them.

At this point, being sober just isn’t in the cards for this beleaguered member of the A Million Little Things friends group.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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