A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 2 recap: Eddie breaks down

Eddie plays basketball
In his wheelchair, Eddie reluctantly gets wheeled to the court to play basketball with Gary and Rome. Pic credit: ABC

Eddie had a tough week on A Million Little Things.

As he came to terms with the realities of life without the use of his legs, his core friends were there to push him along — both figuratively and literally.

During the second episode of Season 3,  Gary found Eddie alone and helpless in his house. He had peed himself because the accident victim was stranded in an immovable chair. Unfortunately, Theo did not return his wheelchair after using it like a race car before leaving with his mom, who was in a rush.

Eddie broke down, confessing to Gary that he had been putting on a brave front for everyone.

Gary called Rome, and the two insisted on taking Eddie for a game of pickup basketball.

He was not into the idea but the guys insisted he takes part from his wheelchair. After complaining a lot and then sinking a ball, Eddie came out of the experience feeling a bit better.

Katherine isn’t fooled on A Million Little Things

When Katherine arrived back home after a day at the office, she found Eddie’s pants and became upset.

She admitted she will be too worried to go back to work away from home but Eddie promised to get a home health aid so she could carry on with her law practice.

Darcy entered the picture as well, stating she’ll be Eddie’s physical therapist even though she had previously told Gary that doing so was out of the question.

Her allegiance to Katherine as her best friend meant she didn’t want to deal with the lying, cheating man she had married. However, she had eventually come around, if only to help her pal in this time of need.

Eddie gets a house call on A Million Little Things

At the end of the day, all is not well at Eddie’s house when Alex’s dad suddenly shows up and rings the doorbell.

Katherine answered the door and asked what this man wanted as she did not recognize him as the guy who hit Eddie.

Seeing this, he backed down, giving the excuse that he had the wrong address.

However, the Pastor left on an ominous note, stating that Katherine has a “nice kid” and that she should “enjoy every moment” with him.

Will he show up on A Million Little Things later during Season 3? Is he going to try to kill Eddie since he feels Eddie is the reason Alex is dead?

Stay tuned.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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