A Million Little Things Season 3: Was the show renewed or canceled by ABC?

A Million Little Things opening.
A Million Little Things is over for the season. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things has dominated primetime for two seasons thanks to its unique concept. The ABC drama started to suck in viewers during the very first episode.

On Thursday, the Season 2 finale aired and now viewers wonder whether or not A Million Little Things will be renewed for a third season.

Was A Million Little Things renewed or canceled?

At this point, ABC has yet to renew or to cancel A Million Little Things. Producer DJ Nash tweeted that no official decision has been made by the network.

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On the social media platform, he previously teased that he had created two endings written for the show — a season finale and a series finale.

Tonight, the Season 2 finale aired, showing that Nash believes the show will be renewed. The showrunner also revealed he will meet with network executives next week to pitch what is in store for Season 3 of A Million Little Things.

Although there’s been no official word yet that more episodes are going to be made, this news should be confirmed soon. Fans should be happy that A Million Little Things will likely return in the fall.

What storylines could Season 3 of A Million Little Things follow?

Now that the Season 2 finale of A Million Little Things has aired, several storylines could emerge in the fall if, indeed, the show is picked up for another season.

While possibilities abound, a few are more likely to come to fruition than others. After all, Thursday’s heavy season finale made A Million Little Things viewers ache for further development as many questions remain unanswered.

For instance, will Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) get their baby?

After being anti-children for so long, when Regina finally came around to wanting to adopt, the unborn child she and Rome chose was suddenly ripped out of their grasp by the baby’s birth mom.

Also, will Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) continue to see Miles (Parker Young)?

This relationship has been interesting, especially given the age difference between the two members of the couple as well as the fact that Delilah’s husband recently died. When their kids first met her suitor, the dynamics were awkward. However, the potential to forge a bond between all involved is still very possible.

Once again, Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine’s (Grace Park) marriage has been put on the backburner.

Their vow renewal had been planned but Eddie chose to chase his demons instead of his commitment to his wife. Eddie actually ended up in a bar but when the time came to decide whether or not to drink, he was able to choose the healthiest alternative.

Then, while on the phone with Katherine, he was hit by a car. Will Eddie survive?

A Million Little Things has not yet been canceled or renewed by ABC.

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Maryann Donmoyer
Maryann Donmoyer
3 years ago

Absolutely love this show!! My family knows to give me space to watch this every week in peace and quiet! Love the characters. Need another season please, a devoted fan.

3 years ago

Love this show. Hoping it is renewed. Just can’t end like that. Love all the actors in the show.

3 years ago

love this show hope it’s renewed