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A Million Little Things Season 3 premiere preview clips: The gang gathers around Katherine

Katherine breaks down on A Million Little Things
As she waits to hear about Eddie’s condition after the car crash, Katherine breaks down. Pic. credit: ABC

New clips for the A Million Little Things Season 3 premiere have arrived. These three short videos tell part of what happens in the episode called Hit and Run.

While waiting for the ABC drama to air on November 19, a look inside the much-anticipated episode gives viewers an idea of what to expect. These clips do the job without spoiling too much of the story that will unfold during the hour-long show.

Most of Thursday’s action centers around Eddie (David Giuntoli) after his devastating accident that occurred at the end of Season 2.

As he was ending a call to Katherine (Grace Park) while crossing the street, he was brutally hit by a car. Katherine was seen screaming as she wondered what had happened to her husband.

Ronan and Gina seem distant on A Million Little Things

The first new spoiler video from the upcoming episode follows Rome (Romany Malco) and Gina (Christina Moses) as they ride up an elevator to the place in the hospital where everyone had gathered.

Their conversation seemed forced, especially so when the woman from the adoption agency called.

Later, Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) asked Rome how everything was going, referring to his relationship with Gina.

His answer was obviously glib.

“Better than Eddie,” he said.

In the next sneak peek from the season premiere of A Million Little Things, Gary and Rome talked about telling Maggie (Allison Miller) about what was happening with their friend.

Gary became very nervous as he and his buddy decided the best way to let Maggie know about Eddie’s accident and the fact that the gang had gathered at the hospital.

Then this member of the friend group confessed to Ronan that he had gone to the airport to see Maggie off as she departed for England while he stayed in Boston.

He explained that he let his former love know that he was happy with his new relationship with Darcy (Floriana Lima).

Then Gary told Maggie he wanted her to be happy too as she started her new life abroad.

Maggie can’t pay the cabbie on A Million Little Things

And finally, in the third A Million Little Things premiere spoiler clip, Maggie arrived in Oxford.

She had taken a black cab from the airport to her new abode before realizing she had not exchanged any dollars for pounds.

Since her cabbie said his credit card machine was broken and she could not pay him, this accidental traveler had no choice but to tell the driver she would borrow the money.

Maggie decided she would get the correct amount from Jamie, her new roommate. She referred to the person she would be sharing her U.K. digs with as a “she.”

Boy was Maggie in for a surprise!

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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