Sydney Sweeney shared her grandparents’ reaction to her Euphoria sex scenes and it will probably surprise you 

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney’s grandparents have an interesting reaction to the actress topless. Pic credit: ©

Sydney Sweeney’s Euphoria sex scenes cause quite an internet buzz, but how do her grandparents feel about the footage?

The Euphoria actress appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and gave details about her family members’ attitudes toward her craft. The topic of her grandparents came up and their reaction to Sydney’s topless scenes on her TV show.

The actress has been open about nudity and her topless scenes on Euphoria. Apparently, her grandparents have the same laidback attitude as she does.

Sydney Sweeney reveals her grandparents’ reaction to her famous Euphoria sex scenes 

Sydney Sweeney recently appeared on The Ellen Show to discuss her career and family. 

The White Lotus actress had red hair in the interview; she dyed her hair for the movie National Anthem. She wore a floral outfit and bold gold heels.

Sydney then told the story of a premiere party she recently hosted.

At the premiere party she hosted for Euphoria, her grandparents had a front row seat of Sydney’s assets. Sydney was excited about her series premiere, and didn’t think about her topless scenes before showing her family.

Sydney recounted that she felt embarrassed once the topless scenes came on, but her grandparents had a peculiar reaction.

Sydney recalled of her grandparents’ reaction, “They said I have the best t*ts in Hollywood.”

It seems Sydney’s grandparents are supportive of her career.

Sydney Sweeney stars in new movie National Anthem

Sydney Sweeney wowed fans earlier this month when she sported red hair on the red carpet.  The actress, who recently confirmed her engagement to Jonathan Davino, was hiding her hair until the right moment. 

Sydney revealed to Allure magazine why she dyed her hair. She said, “I did this for a character, actually, a little while ago. I had to hide it with lots of hats and hoodies. And now I’m able to debut it.” 

The character Sydney referred to is now revealed to be Penny Jo Poplin in the movie National Anthem

National Anthem also stars her best friend Halsey, Paul Walter Hauser, and Simon Rex. National Anthem is a crime, action, and drama film based in a small-town South Dakota. It features individuals on the hunt for a rare Lakota Native American Ghost Shirt, which is on the local black market.

There is no word yet if Sydney will appear topless in National Anthem. But if she does, her grandparents will likely continue their support.

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