Sydney Sweeney shares first look at new character Penny Jo Poplin in National Anthem

Sydney Sweeney at the Plaza Hotel in NYC
Sydney Sweeney has shared a sneak peek photo of her character Penny Jo in the movie National Anthem. Pic credit: ©

The most current season of Euphoria may be over, but actress Sydney Sweeney is on to the next with her latest role in the movie National Anthem.

The actress, most notably known for her roles as Cassie in Euphoria and Olivia in The White Lotus, shared the first sneak peek photo today.

Sweeney shared the first look at her newest character, Penny Jo Poplin

The photo shows Sweeney’s character, Penny Jo, in a sepia-toned shot of her peering out of a window from inside. In the picture, Penny Jo is wearing a red polka-dot bandana and a plaid button-up tee. And for all the Euphoria fans out there – no, this wasn’t for her audition to be in Oklahoma.

Sweeney, who has also been known to have blonde hair both in real life and in her previous roles, seems to have a more strawberry red-toned color and bangs atop a face of freckles as Penny Jo.

The actress has previously been portrayed many times as the series “popular” girl, which is a clear difference from Penny Jo’s “I’m longing to break out of these walls” look she has in the photo.

“Penny Jo,” Sweeney subtly wrote in the caption for her announcement of the character.

What do we know about National Anthem so far?

The stars have lined up for the upcoming movie, which will be Tony Tost’s directorial debut at Bron Studios. According to Deadline, other actors involved in the film include Eric Dane, Paul Walter Hauser, Simon Rex, Toby Huss, Gavin Maddox Bergman, Harriet Sansom Harris, and Derek Hinkey. Singer/songwriter Halsey has been announced to be joining the cast in her acting debut as well.

National Anthem is centered around a hunt for a valuable rare Lakota Native American Ghost Shirt, which falls into the black market in a small town in South Dakota. In the wake of the event, people either hunt it for fortune, freedom, or the desire to return it properly to where it came from. Through this, the lives of local outsiders and outcasts intertwine violently.

Director Tony Tost shouted out his National Anthem cast for being amazing actors

In a recent Instagram video, the leader of Sweeney’s newest film Tony Tost shared his insight into what he’s learned so far in his directorial debut. In the video Tost posted on Friday, February 25th, he said they have been filming the movie for the past two weeks.

Sitting casually in his car in a trucker hat with a box of take-out, Tost used his lunch break to connect with his followers on the experience of directing and share his simple piece of advice that he quickly discovered.

“Try to cast amazing actors,” Tost said. “Because it’s really cool. You come to set, and then you just watch take after take of them doing awesome things. It’s really entertaining. Sometimes you say ‘hey try this’ or ‘maybe a little bit less of that’, and then it gets a tiny bit better, or you have a couple of options. And then you move on to the next scene, and then they’re awesome again.”

“That’s my big tip,” he finished the video with. “Cast amazing people, and then directing can be pretty rad.”

Fans can be sure to see more sneak peeks of the upcoming movie over the next few months now that the characters, including Penny Jo Poplin, have started to be revealed.

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