Soulja Boy warns Pete Davidson after messages to Kanye West about being in bed with Kim Kardashian

soulja boy and pete davidson
Soulja Boy sent a warning to Pete Davidson about how he talked to Kanye West. Pic credit: © & Faye Sadou/AdMedia

Soulja Boy seems to have Kanye West’s back, as the rapper recently fired off some heated messages towards Pete Davidson.

It’s no secret that West has had beef with Davidson over the past several months, and with Kanye suspended from Instagram for at least 24 hours, Soulja Boy is keeping up the attack.

He’s telling Pete to watch what he says when it comes to Kanye West, calling out his message about being in bed with Kanye’s “wife,” Kim Kardashian, and issuing him a warning.

Soulja Boy warns Pete Davidson after texts to Kanye

While Kanye West recently called out his celebrity friends for not having his back during his ongoing divorce and beef with Pete Davidson, Soulja Boy has jumped into the mix.

The rapper hopped on Instagram Live recently and had some strong words for the Saturday Night Live star about the text messages he sent Kanye, making it clear he shouldn’t talk like that to him.

“Pete Davidson, PSA: Watch yo f***ing mouth when you talkin’ to Kanye like that n****,” Soulja Boy says in the video (below).

“I don’t know who you is, but you not Big Draco,” he says, adding, “Do not talk to Kanye like that no more, or you gonna have me on your a**.”

“What the f**k you talking about, ‘I’m in the bed with your wife?’ Boy, do not talk to Ye like that!” he says to Davidson, adding, “Can’t nobody talk to Ye like that but me.”

The recent video comments arrive several weeks after Soulja Boy delivered a message to Kanye West. In the previous video, Soulja went after West for not including his verse as part of a song on the Donda album last year. Soulja taunted Ye by talking about how he lost his wife to Pete Davidson.

In a surprising moment last month, a Soulja Boy verse on Kanye’s follow-up album, Donda 2, debuted during Ye’s Miami listening event.

Davidson’s text messages with Kanye surfaced online

Soulja Boy’s calling out of Davidson comes after the SNL star’s text messages to Kanye were shared online by Pete’s friend, writer Dave Sirus, making headlines this past weekend.

During their conversation, Kanye asked Davidson where he was at the moment. In his response, Davidson told him, “in bed with your wife,” also sending a shirtless selfie.

He also confronted Kanye for his attacks and threats over the past several months, asking him to stop with the antics. Davidson offered to meet Kanye privately to talk about things, although West didn’t seem interested in a meeting unless it was at his Sunday Service event in public.

Along with Davidson’s confrontation, he also offered to assist Kanye in getting help with his mental health, saying he had Kanye’s back despite the threats and attacks these past few months.

However, this past Wednesday, Kanye went on another Instagram frenzy, posting various messages targeting Davidson and comedians DL Hughley and Trevor Noah. That same night, reports arrived that West had been suspended from the platform for 24 hours.

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