Kanye West gets 24-hour Instagram suspension following attacks on Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, and others

Kanye West has been suspended for 24 hours from Instagram. Pic credit: ©

Rapper Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram for at least 24 hours, following his latest batch of posts attacking Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, Kim Kardashian, and others.

West shared various posts on Wednesday, ranging from comments about Pete Davidson’s tattoo to his jokes from a 2019 standup routine and posts targeting comedians Trevor Noah and DL Hughley.

According to a spokesperson from Meta, that resulted in West’s suspension due to violating the platform’s policies.

Kanye West gets 24-hour Instagram timeout

The past few months have seen a frenzy of activity on Kanye West’s Instagram account, including posts aimed at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson and discussing his shared custody situation of four kids with Kim.

On Wednesday, West released another batch of posts, with his targets also including DL Hughley and Trevor Noah. According to TMZ, a spokesperson for Meta said that West has now been suspended for 24 hours from their platform.

West’s suspension is reportedly due to a violation of Instagram’s hate speech, harassment, and bullying policies. While suspended, he won’t be able to post on the platform, comment, or send direct messages.

Based on TMZ’s report, Meta may take additional steps against Kanye West’s Instagram account should further violations occur.

Kanye attacked Noah, Davidson, and Hughley

The past few months have seen Kanye West share videos or posts discussing various matters, including his family situation, divorce from Kim Kardashian, his dislike of her new boyfriend, and his beefs with other individuals.

On Wednesday, the rapper went after Trevor Noah in a post using a racial slur towards The Daily Show host after learning that Noah brought up West’s continued harassment of Davidson and Kardashian on his show. That post is now deleted from West’s page, like many other posts that have disappeared in the past several months.

However, several posts were still live on West’s page Wednesday evening, including one where he went after comedian DL Hughley. In that post’s caption, West used a racial slur while taking a shot at Hughley.

“Funny thing is we’ll probably end up being friends… I used to defend this n**** back when he had work…. Like nah he funny … you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it,” West wrote in his caption.

Other Instagram posts the rapper shared Wednesday went after his ex-wife’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson. In one post, West brought up a series of offensive jokes Pete Davidson made about having sex with babies during a 2019 comedy show. West said it was another reason he wants “Skete” to stay away from his children.

West’s latest attacks arrived days after text messages surfaced that Pete Davidson sent to him, confronting the rapper for his antics. Several messages involved Pete calling out Kanye and telling him to “grow the f*** up.” Davidson also sent a shirtless selfie to West telling him he was in bed with his wife after West asked where he was.

In other messages, Davidson suggested they meet in private to talk about things and offered to assist Kanye West in getting help with mental health issues.

Davidson mentioned in the messages that he had Kanye’s back despite his continuous attacks over the past several weeks, but if it kept up, he wouldn’t be so nice anymore.

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