Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend odds favor Van Jones, Nick Cannon after Pete Davidson breakup

kim kardashian at 2022 White House Correspondents Dinner Arrivals
Kim Kardashian arrives for the 2022 White House Correspondents Association Annual Dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel in 2022. Pic credit: © Lamkey/CNP/AdMedia

With the recent reveal of Kim Kardashian’s split from actor and comedian Pete Davidson, many people are speculating about who Kim’s next boyfriend could be, with the possibility of her reconciling with a former flame, ex-husband, or potentially dating someone completely new.

Believe it or not, sports betting sites are even offering odds for who the reality TV star and entrepreneur will date next.

A list of odds arrived online, which presents various celebrities from those with the best shot at dating Kim K down to others with the lowest chances of dating the wealthy media mogul.

Among the names on the list are some new sports stars who could become the latest pro athlete to date Kim, joining the likes of football star Reggie Bush and former NBA star Kris Humphries.

And for those wondering, those former partners also made the list, as did Kim’s ex, rapper Kanye West.

However, one individual came out ahead of the rest when it comes to potentially dating the 41-year-old billionaire.

Jones tops betting odds for Kim K’s next potential beau

Based on a circulating list of betting odds presented by OddsChecker, lawyer, political commentator, news host, author, and activist Van Jones leads all contenders to become Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend.

As of this report, Jones is at +800 odds, meaning bettors who put $100 on the 53-year-old CNN host could win $800 if he goes on to date Kim K.

Kim K has been active in the cause of criminal justice reform, and both she and Van Jones were instrumental in getting the First Step Act approved during former President Donald Trump’s time in office. A relationship between Van Jones and Kim two could create a powerful couple involved in other significant causes.

Jones is currently ahead of the next-best potential suitors, rapper and actor Nick Cannon, and singer Ray J, both of whom are listed at +1000 odds to become Kim K’s next beau.

Of those options, Kim previously dated Ray J, and the two famously appeared in a 2002 graphic video recording that surfaced online in 2007. Many believe that the “leaked” video helped Kim gain relevance and fame, leading to reality TV, social media popularity, and other lucrative opportunities.

Rounding out the top five options currently available as Kim’s next boyfriend are two more actors. Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (+1200), now appearing in Netflix’s Day Shift, and Marvel’s popular Captain America, Chris Evans (+1400), currently appearing in Netflix’s The Gray Man, also made the list.

The recent betting odds follow the suddenly-revealed breakup of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson earlier this month. The couple had dated since late last year, following Kim’s appearance as guest host on Saturday Night Live, with Davidson among the cast members at the time.

Kim’s ex Kanye has odds of dating Kim again

Could Kim have it in her to reconcile with a former flame? There are odds for several of her exes that could reward bettors handsomely.

The viral list of Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend odds also features hip-hop star and entrepreneur Kanye West, who married Kim in 2014. The couple also had four kids together, whom they now co-parent, following a messy divorce that wrapped up late last year.

Kanye was also under fire for his online rants and social media activity targeting Kim and Pete Davidson while they were dating. He continued with that behavior after Kim and Pete’s breakup news arrived, and rumors suggest Kim wasn’t happy with Ye’s recent social media post joking about it.

Still, according to OddsChecker (see tweet below), Ye has +2200 odds, which actually ranks him in the top six options available.

Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries has a decent chance of dating her again, with +3500 odds putting him just ahead of another former flame, Reggie Bush. The former NFL running back is at +4000 right now.

As reality TV viewers saw, Kim and Kris had that famously televised wedding in 2011, with their marriage lasting just 72 days after they tied the knot.

Several new sports stars have made the “who’s next to date Kim” list with +2500 odds, including MMA fighter Israel Adesanya, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, and NBA star Kyrie Irving.

As seen above, bettors can even try for some major longshots, including Jeff Bezos at +15000 and Elon Musk at +22000. They’ve got the lowest chances of dating the wealthy Kardashian star.

While both men are insanely rich thanks to their respective tech companies, it seems odds makers don’t believe they’ll find love with The Kardashians star.

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