Who plays Mary on The Walking Dead? Whisperers actress is famous

Birch As Mary
Thora Birch as Gamma/Mary on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 10. Pic credit: Bob Mahoney/AMC

Mary from The Walking Dead has been in a lot of important scenes in Season 10. The actress who plays Mary on The Walking Dead even showed up for the March 1 episode of Talking Dead on AMC.

Most of the time that she has been on screen this season, Mary has been wearing her Whisperers mask. Within her group, she is Gamma, the aunt of a baby left outside the gates of Hilltop.

Early in Season 10, Gamma sacrificed her sister to save Alpha (Samantha Morton), which earned her the name that she is known by within the Whisperers.

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But then she found out that her sister’s baby boy was still alive.

That nephew seems to have touched Gamma in the right way, creating a fight within her mind about which side she wanted to support. While she had appeared very loyal to the Whisperers, it seemed like she was ready to join the good guys.

Then, Mary shared important details about the Whisperers with Aaron (Ross Marquand), in the hopes of getting to spend some time with her nephew.

Who plays Mary on The Walking Dead?

Veteran actress Thora Birch plays the character of Mary/Gamma. It may have been hard for a lot of AMC viewers to figure out who she was under that mask and the dirty makeup.


Thora Birch has been acting for a long time and might be best-known for the roles she played as a kid. That included co-starring with Harrison Ford (as Jack Ryan) in Patriot Games as well as Clear and Present Danger.

Birch was also one of the kids from Hocus Pocus, a Halloween comedy that also co-starred Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker.

As she got into her teen years, Birch appeared with Kevin Spacey in American Beauty and Scarlett Johansson in Ghost World.

Now, though, Thora Birch may soon be known primarily for her role on The Walking Dead, because her character has made a significant impact on several episodes.

On the new episode from March 1, she was the reason that Beta went after the residents of Alexandria.

The Walking Dead Season 10

As the rest of TWD Season 10b plays out, it’s clear that Mary/Gamma will have more important scenes. Alpha seems to have figured out that she is playing both sides, which is why she rewarded Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

In the real Whisperers War, what side will Gamma fight for? Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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