Who plays Mary on The Walking Dead? Whisperers actress is famous

Mary from The Walking Dead has been in a lot of important scenes in Season 10. The actress who plays Mary on The Walking Dead even showed up for the March 1 episode of Talking Dead on AMC. Most of the time that she has been on screen this season, Mary has been wearing her


Who plays Gamma on The Walking Dead? Whisperers member is creepy

Gamma is a new character on The Walking Dead cast for Season 10. She first appeared in Episode 2 of the new season, where a lot of backstories were given for the leaders of the Whisperers. Gamma’s appearance in the episode titled We Are the End of the World definitely shows what she is capable


The Walking Dead spoilers Episode 3: Ghosts, walkers, and Whisperers

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 10, Episode 3 come from the Sunday night installment called Ghosts. The name is not misleading either, as ghosts from the past are going to appear. And that includes Henry. Through the first two episodes of Season 10, the show has brought viewers up to speed on what the


Who plays Beta on The Walking Dead? Ryan Hurst returns

Beta is back on The Walking Dead. Actor Ryan Hurst returned as the character during Season 10, Episode 2, where the writers gave a back-history for a lot of the Whisperers. The character of Beta first appeared during Season 9 of the show, and he proved to be a very formidable antagonist to the heroes


Gamma on The Walking Dead: Thora Birch joins the Whisperers

Gamma on The Walking Dead begins with the new episode of the show. Thora Birch will finally make her AMC debut as a member of the Whisperers and this is a storyline that has been a long time coming. While the Season 10 premiere focused on the protagonists, including Michonne, Judith, Daryl, and Carol, Episode


The Walking Dead sneak peek: New episode clip revealed

The Walking Dead sneak peek for Season 10, Episode 2 has been released. The episode is called We Are the End of the World and it airs Sunday night on AMC. As we previously reported, there are going to be a number of flashbacks that reveal the origins of Alpha and Beta. It will also


The Walking Dead spoilers: Death is coming, foreshadowed in Season 10, Episode 1

The Walking Dead spoilers season has arrived. Season 10, Episode 1 has been available through AMC Premiere for nearly a week, but it’s also time for the network to air the season premiere as well. The opening episode provides a lot of foreshadowing. It’s a really good opening chapter, with a lot of character development

Nadia Hilker on The Walking Dead: Find out more about Magna in Season 9

Nadia Hilker from The Walking Dead appeared on the latest episode of Talking Dead. The AMC interview show helped viewers get to know the actress behind the character of Magna. Hilker joined TWD for Season 9, appearing for the first time in the final episode for Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln). Magna appeared as

The Walking Dead: Alpha teaser trailer finally arrives

The Walking Dead just released its first Alpha teaser trailer and social media is buzzing. Ahead of the second half of Season 9, AMC has released a trailer where one of the main new characters is featured. The Alpha teaser trailer, which is shared below, shows that there is a lot of drama coming in