The Walking Dead spoilers Episode 3: Ghosts, walkers, and Whisperers

Negan And Aaron TWD
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Ross Marquand as Aaron on TWD Season 10, Episode 3. Pic credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 10, Episode 3 come from the Sunday night installment called Ghosts. The name is not misleading either, as ghosts from the past are going to appear. And that includes Henry.

Through the first two episodes of Season 10, the show has brought viewers up to speed on what the main group of survivors and the Whisperers have been up to. It gets all of the primary characters to the same moment in time.

In Episode 1, we got to see how the survivors have been training to deal with threats, how Michonne is doing with her kids, and what Negan has done to keep himself busy and feeling useful.

Then, in Episode 2, the writers fleshed out the backstories of Alpha, Beta, and Lydia and then introduced Gamma to the audience. The entire episode centered on the Whispers and caught everyone up on what the antagonists have been doing lately.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Season 10, Episode 3 — Ghosts

All of the primary characters are back on the same timeline, meaning there are going to be some moments where the survivors and the Whisperers share more scenes. One of the underlying plot lines is that Alpha is not pleased that her borders were violated, even if it was because of the satellite fire.

The survivors are going to have to deal with a lot of walkers attacking them during the beginning of the episode. Then, Gamma shows up at the gates of Alexandria, letting them know that Alpha has demanded a meeting.

A lot of the episode is going to revolve around that meeting, including debates about what should take place, how it goes down, and what follows it.

Patient fans are finally going to get to see actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan back in action (he plays Negan), as a substory from the comics is going to be revealed.

There is a slight change to it, though, as Aaron (Ross Marquand) is going to replace Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in some scenes that might evolve into a bromance.

A lot of Season 10, Episode 3 is going to focus on Alpha and Carol getting another face-to-face meeting, but Carol is dealing with some issues.

Her story for the season is going to be explored and it is going to lead up to a big reveal between herself and Daryl. If Beta hears about what happens between Alpha and Carol, he will not be pleased.

Moments to pay close attention to during the episode are the chats between Daryl and Carol, how Michonne conducts herself, and how Negan begins earning some trust from other characters.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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