The Walking Dead fans are still talking about THAT scene

Alpha TWD
Samantha Morton as Alpha on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead fans certainly got a shock during the latest episode of the show.

The February 23 installment was Season 10, Episode 9 of TWD and it marked the end of the long winter hiatus.

Most of the episode was focused on the seven survivors who got stuck in a cave/mine while chasing after Alpha. It turned out to be the location of the massive horde the Whisperers were putting together.

Elsewhere, Alpha was disturbed that the survivors had figured out where her horde of walkers was located. She feared it was because they were scouting and spying. But Negan pointed out that she likely had a spy within her own group.

Negan was right, as it was Gamma who seemed to be working against the Whisperers, but it’s unclear if he was just guessing or using deductive reasoning.

When Gamma went missing during a time where she was supposed to be disciplining the border patrol, it became clear to Alpha that Negan was right. That led to a scene where she stated that she wanted to reward him.

Alpha rewards Negan

Below are some of the social media posts from fans in regard to that memorable scene between Alpha and Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 10 theories

Fans are also sharing a lot of theories online, beginning with the assumption that Negan is working Alpha so that he can eventually be the one to kill her.

But maybe he craves another group he can lead? And maybe he wouldn’t mind becoming the leader of the Whisperers after he takes out Alpha?

The TWD television show has differed in many ways from the comic books, so it’s not always easy to project which way a storyline is going to break. What we do know is that viewers were not expecting what they saw on Sunday night.

Is this where things start to break apart for Alpha and the Whisperers? Does Beta see what just took place and turn on Alpha? Will Negan get a better spot within the group that leads to Beta turning on Alpha? We will all have to keep watching to find out what happens next.

We do know that a cliffhanger is coming.

New Walking Dead spin-off teased

Sunday also saw the debut of a new preview trailer for the second TWD spin-off. Now, we all know that it will debut in April and we will get to start watching episodes of The Walking Dead: Beyond World quite soon.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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