Who plays Mary on The Walking Dead? Whisperers actress is famous

Mary from The Walking Dead has been in a lot of important scenes in Season 10. The actress who plays Mary on The Walking Dead even showed up for the March 1 episode of Talking Dead on AMC. Most of the time that she has been on screen this season, Mary has been wearing her


Who plays Gamma on The Walking Dead? Whisperers member is creepy

Gamma is a new character on The Walking Dead cast for Season 10. She first appeared in Episode 2 of the new season, where a lot of backstories were given for the leaders of the Whisperers. Gamma’s appearance in the episode titled We Are the End of the World definitely shows what she is capable


Gamma on The Walking Dead: Thora Birch joins the Whisperers

Gamma on The Walking Dead begins with the new episode of the show. Thora Birch will finally make her AMC debut as a member of the Whisperers and this is a storyline that has been a long time coming. While the Season 10 premiere focused on the protagonists, including Michonne, Judith, Daryl, and Carol, Episode