Who is Nicole Anthony on Big Brother 21? Preschool aide ready with jokes

Nicole Anthony On BB21 Cast
Nicole Anthony is part of the Big Brother 21 cast this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Nicole Anthony is now part of the Big Brother 21 cast. She was revealed as one of the 16 houseguests who are competing during the summer 2019 season. Can Nicole win the $500,000 cash prize?

When CBS revealed the BB21 cast list on Monday, Nicole’s name was on it. Now, she will be competing against a Jason Momoa look-alike, a truck driver, and a big fan of Rachel Reilly.

Will Nicole find herself in a strong position within the new cast? She thinks so, but that she may need to use the Diary Room to do some venting.

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Who is Nicole Anthony on Big Brother 21?

Nicole is a preschool aide from Long Island, New York. She calls herself hardworking, determined, and hilarious. She also admitted to being a huge fan of the show. Will her expertise on past seasons help her out?

Nicole seemed a bit nervous during her interview, but also very excited to receive her chance to play in the game that she has watched for years. She seems like someone who could be fun to watch and could seem familiar to some viewers, as well.

She plans to keep her intelligence level and her fandom to herself. Nicole told Jeff that she wants to start the season slow and isn’t sure whether she wants to compete for the first Head of Household. As for possible downfalls, she is worried about her “New York mouth.”

If she wins the money, Nicole wants to get her sisters cars. She mostly wants the title of Big Brother 21 winner, though, which would put her among the best players the game has seen over the years.

Big Brother 2019 houseguests start date arrives

Now that the BB21 cast has been introduced, it is nearly time for them to start playing the game. After being sequestered, the new houseguests will get moved inside the house, several days before the season premiere.

According to the schedule released by CBS, the first episode airs on Tuesday, June 25. It starts at 8/7c and is just a one-hour installment to introduce the at-home audience to the new cast.

Big Brother returns with new episodes on CBS during summer 2019.

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