What time is Big Brother on tonight? 2019 season start date arrives

Analyse Talavera Big Brother Swimsuit Photo
Analyse Talavera joins Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother 2019 start date has finally arrived. It’s time for CBS to air the first episode of Season 21 and for the television audience to start getting caught up on what has been transpiring in the house.

A full schedule of BB21 episodes has been revealed, but the most important piece of information is that the season premiere is tonight. It’s a big day for the show, especially given that the cast has already been playing the game for a number of days.

The 16 new houseguests entered the game last week, giving producers time to tape a lot of footage for the first week of episodes. Now, that footage can be shown to the CBS audience.

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What time is Big Brother on tonight?

Season 21, Episode 1 begins at 8/7c on CBS. The Tuesday, June 25 episode kicks off the season, with Episode 2 to quickly follow on Wednesday night (June 26) at the same time.

The opening night for the show is only one hour long, so not a lot is going to be covered. Host Julie Chen will likely let the new cast into the house, go over the theme, and allow the BB21 cast to get to know one another.

It’s possible that the first competition of the season is also shown on Tuesday night, but it is more likely that this and the revelation of the first HOH this summer is saved for the Wednesday night installment.

Cast of Big Brother 2019

There are a lot of interesting people making up the 2019 cast of Big Brother  — including someone who just learned about the show, a Broadway performer, someone who looks a lot like actor Jason Momoa, and a boutique owner ready to play the game hard.

Make sure to tune in for the first Big Brother 2019 episode this evening. It’s going to be an exciting night of revelations, introductions, and early alliance building for the BB21 cast.

Big Brother 21 airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday on CBS.

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