The Curse of Oak Island: Gary Drayton posts stunning pics from the island

Oak Island's Gary Drayton takes a selfie
Gary Drayton has been keeping The Curse of Oak Island fans up to date. Pic credit: @GaryDrayton/Facebook

World-renowned metal detectorist and The Curse of Oak Island favorite Gary Drayton has been back on social media, and he’s been keeping fans updated with a selection of gorgeous pics from the island.

Of all the cast members, Gary is the one who does the vast majority of social media postings.

Unfortunately, he never divulges any secrets from the show, but he does provide some valuable hints on treasure hunting, as well as showing off some of the scenery and wildlife from beautiful Nova Scotia.

On Friday morning, Gary treated his 60,000-plus followers on Instagram to a post of a fab picture of last night’s sunset. The snap overlooks Mahone Bay and features a pier, a boat, and a gorgeous orange sky.

On Instagram, Gary captioned the pic, “Last nights [sic] dragonfire sunset over the bay #Internationalmanofhistory #bobbydazzlerhunter #toppocketfinds #chesternovascotia #dracarys.”

Gary loves a hashtag and is clearly a fan of Game of Thrones with that reference to “dracarys” to describe dragonfire.

He also posted the same pic to Facebook with the same caption.

Some fans quickly pounced on the post, showing their appreciation.

Some of the comments read, “So pretty 🥰 I never get tired of this 💙” and “Glorious morning, Gary! Thank you for sharing!😊” and “beautiful.”

Three comments on Gary Drayton's social media post
Pic credit: @gary.drayton/Instagram

A few days ago, Gary posted three other pictures from the same area, but this time, early in the morning.

Gary Drayton posts more scenery and wildlife videos from Oak Island

Two of the snaps featured a lovely overview of a beautiful, calm harbor with bright blue seawater. A third picture showed a memorial statue of a soldier wearing a kilt and a beret.

Gary captioned this one, “Another picture postcard start to the day in Nova Scotia Canada #Internationalmanofhistory #bobbydazzlerhunter #chesterharbour.”

Finally, Gary also loves a bit of wildlife and often puts up snaps of animals he’s spotted on Oak Island. Three days ago, he posted a fun video of a colorful frog.

He captioned the video, “Froggy start to the metal detecting day #Internationalmanofhistory #bobbydazzlerhunter #pondering.” He posted it along with Van Halen’s song, Jump.

As fans of Gary and the show, let’s hope he continues to post more fun pictures and videos.

Has the Oak Island team found something new at Smith’s Cove?

Unfortunately, Gary refuses to say what treasure hunting he’s been up to on Oak Island. We can assume he’s been doing more metal detecting in the swamp area and possibly in Smith’s Cove.

It was reported earlier this week that the guys were likely digging in Smith’s Cove. This differs from the last couple of seasons when they’ve focused on Lot 5, the swamp, and the Garden Shaft. Perhaps the Lagina brothers and their team have received new intel about the cove.

We only have another four months to wait for answers.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 is expected to return in November 2024 on History.

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