The Curse of Oak Island Season 12: Will it happen and when is it likely to air?

Marty Lagina smirking in the Oak Island War Room
Marty Lagina is raring to go for Season 12 of The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 ended this week, which, as is always the case, has left fans wondering if there will be a Season 12 and how long we will have to wait before we can start watching.

The History Channel guys are holding their cards close to their chests and have not confirmed if they will be broadcasting a new series. However, this isn’t new; the channel waits until the fall before announcing a new series.

And as we know from the Season 11 finale, the Lagina brothers and their team are more than eager to keep going. They’ve already planned where they’ll start digging for the treasure next year.

Frankly, the History Channel would be crazy not to commission another series. The show is pulling in over 2 million cable viewers every episode. And that number does not include streaming or the vast number of viewers outside the US!

Last December, Forbes reported that The Curse of Oak Island elevated the History Channel from the 18th most-watched cable network in total day viewers to the eighth.

The fourth episode of Season 11, broadcast on November 29, received 2.3 million viewers and was the most-watched cable show for that week outside of Fox News shows and Monday Night Football on ESPN.

When will Season 12 of The Curse of Oak Island likely air?

Therefore, The Curse of Oak Island fans can fully expect Season 12 to begin again in November 2024. The first episode will likely air on Tuesday, November 4, or November 11.

The first season of The Curse of Oak Island was only five episodes long, but the number of episodes increased yearly until Season 8, which had 25. That was clearly the magic number, as we’ve had 25 ever since, and Season 12 will likely be no different.

The show usually takes a one-week break during the season, usually at Christmas or in mid-February. That means we can expect episodes until April 29, 2025, or May 6.

Fans can catch up with The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down as they wait for Season 12

In the meantime, fans can still get their fix by catching up on the reruns, which the History Channel will continue to repeat throughout the coming months. And new footage will also be available through The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, a spin-off show hosted by Matty Blake.

Matty will host a new episode of Drilling Down next week during The Curse of Oak Island’s usual 8 p.m. slot. The episode synopsis reads, “Back in Traverse City [the Lagina brother’s hometown], Matty joins the team to review all the incredible finds uncovered this year and gets a head start on what’s to come.”

Stay tuned to Monsters and Critics for more updates on The Curse of Oak Island Season 12.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 will likely return in November 2024 on History.

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