The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 finale ends with the team planning a new dig

A tearful Rick Lagina on Oak Island
Rick Lagina became emotional as the Curse of Oak Island Season 11 came to an end. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 ended last night, but not before the Fellowship of the Dig vowed to continue the search and even agreed on a whole new area for exploration next year.

The guys took one last shot with the borehole drill, putting down a core a mere eight feet to the north of the Garden Shaft inside the rock feature surrounding the shaft. Geo-scientists Dr. Ian Spooner and Dr. Fred Michel had taken more water samples and declared this was the spot to drill.

Marty Lagina and the others were clearly excited, and expectations rose when they reached the target depth of just below 100 feet. Unfortunately, the core was full of sand and clay.

There was palpable disappointment amongst the guys; Marty summed it up when he said once again they’ve come to the end of a season and they “don’t have the treasure or the story in our hands.”

On a positive note, the guys noted that the clay was very dry, which seemed odd as the Garden Shaft was currently flooded, and gallons of seawater were rushing in exponentially.

This, they concluded, added credence to the theory that the garden Shaft work had breached an independent source for the water, i.e., a flood tunnel. The existence of this ancient booby trap would also imply a nearby treasure vault.

Geo-scientists insist treasure is still buried on Oak island

Fred and Ian insisted to the guys that the precious metals revealed in the water samples were too extensive to be an anomaly and that a treasure must be buried down there. Marty asked if a treasure might have been removed, but Fred stressed that it was still down there.

The Fellowship agreed that next season, they will clear all the earth and dirt, along with the stone feature, from the area northwest of the Garden Shaft, just above the Baby Blob, so they can start excavating the spot properly.

A computer generated map of Oak Island's Baby Blob and the Garden Shaft
The Oak Island team will excavate the untouched area above the Garden Shaft and Baby Blob next season. Pic credit: History

Marty revealed how perplexed he is by the mystery of the island; all the evidence points to a treasure being buried somewhere on the island, but they still haven’t found it. However, he and the others conceded that they had to trust the geoscientists and that they would continue.

The series ended with a broad recap of all the work done on the island.

Lot 5 and the swamp revealed more surprises on Oak Island Season 11

Lot 5 surprised everyone with its two stone features, which the team now suspects were used to house the builders of the Money Pit. In this area, the guys have recovered numerous artifacts from multiple centuries, including Roman coins, 16th-century Venetian beads, and a 14th-century barter token.

Elsewhere, the swamp has revealed more human-made structures, including a possible damn and a pathway. Craig Tester revealed the carbon-14 dating of wood taken from the pathway, which incredibly dates back 1200 years. These dates just keep getting older and older.

Finally, Rick Lagina thanked everyone for their hard work and keeping the dream alive, which caused him and a few others to tear up. The Fellowship’s passion for the work they do can never be doubted. They will return in Season 12 with renewed vigor.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 will likely return in November 2024 on History.

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Stan Wruble
Stan Wruble
13 days ago

Still looking for the Arc!!!

12 days ago

This show is now so crap. I’m so done with it. Stick it history channel and Karina brothers.