The Curse of Oak Island preview: New evidence indicates whoever built Lot 5 structure also built the Money Pit

Doug Crowell from Oak Island
Doug Crowell has been examining potential ways Templar Knights could have traveled to Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team has found compelling new evidence that indicates whoever constructed the massive, secretive stone structure on Lot 5 also built the Money Pit.

If this evidence is confirmed, it will prove the theory that the Lot 5 structure was a staging post or command center for burying treasure at the Money Pit.

Tonight’s episode will be The Curse of Oak Island Season 11, Episode 24, and this show is named Hairy Situation. This episode will be the penultimate of the season.

The name Hairy Situation is likely a reference to the strand of hair found last week under one of the boulders of Nolan’s Cross. The hair was found sticking out of a piece of clay, leaving the guys scratching their heads about how it got there.

Viewers can expect the team to run tests on the hair; if it’s found to be human, that would be a helluva bombshell. If it is human, it could be the hair of one of the builders of Nolan’s Cross.

Oak Island Money Pit may be located by excavating Lot 5

In the meantime, much of tonight’s episode will focus on another discovery in the Lot 5 stone structure. The preview doesn’t reveal what has been found, but we know it provides clear evidence of a link with the Money Pit.

The archaeologists are clear that the Lot 5 structure was deliberately filled with earth and concealed. They also say the structure appears huge and they’ve only uncovered a fraction of it. And finally, the archaeologists also say they have no idea what it is.

The Lagina brothers and their team reckon it might have been a command center for constructing the Money Pit and could, therefore, hold valuable clues about the treasure’s location.

Rick Lagina researches how Templar Knights traveled to Oak Island

Also, on tonight’s episode, Rick Lagina and a few of the guys are still in Scandinavia, Europe, examining how Templar Knights may have teamed up with the Vikings to transport treasure to Oak Island.

In a preview, the guys are shown visiting a restored or recreated Viking ship that an expert tells them could have traveled to Oak Island. Doug Crowell noted that a piece of the ship’s rail looked similar to a wood plank they had previously found in Oak Island’s swamp.

A Viking ship from Oak Island show
Rick Lagina and the Oak Island team investigate a Viking vessel. Pic credit: History

The History Channel episode synopsis confirms all of the above: “While a trip abroad makes old world connections to the new world, on Oak Island, the team is thrilled when new evidence indicates that whoever was on Lot 5 was also deep in the Money Pit.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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25 days ago

Longest story ever told. At least Heraldo went quick when he opened the empty safe

Mary Ann Lee
Mary Ann Lee
25 days ago

Unfortunately, I have begun to believe that this whole program is designed to just keep people watching for the money made off the program. Either someone has already discovered anything that was there or there was nothing there to begin with.

Bert Stassen
Bert Stassen
23 days ago
Reply to  Mary Ann Lee

Mary Ann,
i concur with your line of thoughts, was it that Ball guy, who became wealthy in a short period? Cabbage must have been dipped in gold or silver!!

25 days ago

I have never missed an episode. Solving the mystery was never going to be easy considering the expense and effort from all who have toiled before. The ingenious traps laid to protect the treasure was successful up to present day and has yet to be beaten. My instinct makes me believe that the treasure will be revealed along with the fascinating history of the island.

At first I was suspicious that the lead cross might have been planted. Rick addressed that thought early on which assuaged my suspicions. My belief was substantiated just recently when another object was found with lead that was a close match to the area where the cross was forged.

It is probable that there were more than one treasure hidden on the island and that the history of the island has spanned over hundreds of years. While considering that some treasure has obviously been found, it is doubtful to me that the original deposit has been disturbed.

The time is right. The technology is right. The seekers are worthy.

Dave Dixon
Dave Dixon
24 days ago

take a moment to realize that the Oak Island is going about this “dig” in the correct manner. you can’t rush history…..
Keep digging team… your treasure awaits.

Stephen Teper Jr
Stephen Teper Jr
17 days ago

If they wanted to find treasure, it is where the x-ray made by those cosmic rays. It shows exactly where clumps of metal is underground. If they ignore this science, I have doubts about their sincerity.
This science found an unknown room in the great pyramid in Giza.