The Curse of Oak Island: A new stone feature could confirm Templar Knights built Nolan’s Cross and buried treasure

Marty Lagina laughing on Oak Island
Marty Lagina is beginning to believe in the significance of Nolan’s Cross. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team has begun excavating a new human-made circular stone feature in the swamp near Nolan’s Cross, which could be the spot where ancient Christian relics are buried.

This week’s episode started with disappointment. The rehabilitation and excavation of the Garden Shaft was the primary focus of this season, but it has been plagued with problems.

Dumas representatives informed Rick Lagina and the guys that approximately 479 gallons of seawater were currently gushing into the shaft, and pumping out such a quantity of water would make the whole structure unstable.

That means the project is on hold while the Dumas miners figure out what is the best option. Unfortunately, we are careering toward the end of the season, which sadly means that could be the end of the project for Season 11.

Thankfully, the guys have plenty to keep them occupied, and they’ve switched focus to the discovery of a mysterious human-made stone circle found on the northern edge of the triangle-shaped swamp.

The team was digging in this area because researcher John Edwards argued that the nearby boulders of Nolan’s Cross were acting as a marker for this spot. John suspects the Ark of the Covenant and possibly other ancient Christian artifacts taken from Jerusalem are buried there.

So, it obviously came as a pleasant shock to find a circular depression or pit framed by small flat stones on the exact spot John referenced.

Geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner stated the blindingly obvious: the structure was human-made and was created before the area was a swamp. This lends yet more credence to the theory that the swamp was artificially created to hide something.

Ian took some core samples from the area, but we’ll have to wait, hopefully not long, for the results.

A stone circle in the Oak Island swamp
The Oak Island team hopes this stone circle marks a pit where ancient treasure is buried. Pic credit: History

Surveyor Steve Guptill was also on hand to measure the area. A preliminary measurement indicated the structure was a couple of feet below sea level and was at the exact same elevation as the paved area to the south. Ian has previously dated the paved area back to the 1200s AD, so it would be incredibly significant if a solid link could be established between the two features.

If the new stone circle could be dated to the 13th century, that would link it to other features, such as Nolan’s Cross, and aid the theory that Templar Knights did bury artifacts on the island.

Marty Lagina noted how all the theorists and researchers in recent times seem to be focusing on Nolan’s Cross and that, just maybe, it could be the key to the whole mystery.

Right now, the guys need to figure out the timeline of this new structure; once they know when it was built, they can link it to other features, such as Nolan’s Cross, which could then lead to an excavation.

Oak Island team is heading to Europe to hunt for info on Templar Knights

Also, on last night’s show, the guys continued to search for evidence that the Templars traveled to Oak Island from Jerusalem.

With that in mind, they enlisted the help of researchers Corjan Mol and Emiliano Sacchetto, who claimed to have found an old Templar hiding place in a castle in the Netherlands that features symbols also found on Oak Island.

A ruined castle in the Netherlands
This ruined Dutch castle may have harbored Templar Knights as they traveled from the Holy Land to Oak Island. Pic credit: History

Emiliano has located an old Cistercian Abbey in Milan, Italy, that contains ancient manuscripts on astronomy, geometry, and navigation, which may help to explain how Templar Knights could have traveled to Oak Island 300 years before Columbus’s voyage. A member of the Cistercian order reportedly founded the Templars.

All this means that Rick and a chosen lucky few will be heading to Italy and the Netherlands. We will likely see how their trip went in the next few episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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13 days ago

The finale of last season, highlighted Gary Drayton metal detecting at the bottom of the Garden Shaft and getting a non-ferrous signal within 15 feet. Hmmm… whatever happened to that?

12 days ago

Episodes are getting more boring.. they are running out of material to make a show and we are left with this.

Joyce Schauer
Joyce Schauer
7 days ago
Reply to  Johnproxy

I agree, I’m tired of them trying to be excited over stupid things, anything for the show! Enough already! Your just trying to stay on Tv! Blah boring,boring