The Curse of Oak Island: The swamp is drained to reveal a new human-made feature

Billy Gerhardt on Oak Island
Billy Gerhardt helped to orchestrate a return to the swamp. Pic credit: History

This week on the Curse of Oak Island, the team finally got back to work in the swamp and appeared to have made a huge discovery that connects the paved area to the stone roadway.

After a hiatus of over a year, the guys finally got back to draining the swamp and almost immediately revealed a human-made structure that appeared to be a ramp.

It was Billy Gerhardt’s time to shine as we learned he’s been working hard behind the scenes to get the guys back in the swamp. The owner of Gerhardt Property Improvement has been a regular feature on the show for years, usually behind the controls of a digger. However, this season we’ve mostly only seen him sitting quietly during meetings in the War Room.

That all changed last night when Billy announced that he had helped to secure the proper permits from the Nova Scotian government, allowing the guys to recommence excavating the swamp.

According to Rick Lagina, Billy was “intimately involved in that process,” and they were now free to continue working in the area. The guys had been banned from most of the swamp since last season after they unearthed 2000-year-old First Nation Mi’kmaq pottery.

But it looks like Billy’s local connections may have finally come to the rescue. Billy has a good personal relationship with Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston (equivalent to a state Governor in the US) and previously organized a visit to Oak Island for the province’s head honcho. It seems possible that that relationship may finally be showing some positive results for the Fellowship.

Work on the Oak Island swamp started immediately

The guys began draining the swamp straightaway, and Billy moved his digger in.

Geophysicist Jeremy Church and his colleagues from Panther Geoscience had previously used a magnetometer scanner to collect data on metallic objects in the swamp. They then identified a number of key objects buried about three feet under the surface.

The largest and most promising-looking reading was in an area that was difficult to access (even a drained swamp can be very wet with parts difficult to access with heavy machinery), so the guys decided to aim for another spot by the paved area. This paved area was first discovered in 2017 and has been dated by Ian Spooner to be up to 800 years old.

Paved area appears to be linked to the stone roadway by a ramp

The guys haven’t found any metal objects yet, but they did come across more cobblestones, which led them to believe they’d found a ramp connecting the paved area with the stone roadway.

This could be huge, as it means the two features may have been built for the same purpose. It also indicates a growing road network hidden under the swamp.

A computer generated image of the ramp in the swamp
The guys think they found a ramp connecting the two ancient structures. Pic credit: History

There have been a number of theories regarding who built the stone roadway and when and why? The leading theory amongst the team that seemed to be gaining traction last year was that the Portuguese built it about 500 years ago to transport treasure.

The episode stopped before we learned any more, but viewers can expect the number of archaeologists on the show to increase again as the guys try to figure out what’s going on.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Joe Scales
Joe Scales
1 month ago

What’s going on? Mystery mongering with bad science, bad archaeology and dishonest narration. Remember, New York fishing agents owned the island in the mid-1700’s with lots later divided for farming and residences. All of this happening before any treasure hoax began. All they are finding, other than remnants of past, fruitless excavations, is evidence that people worked and lived there; doing the most ordinary of tasks. As if a road, tools or ships (on an island???) had to haul treasure. There is absolutely no evidence of treasure of any sort on this island, nor a valid historical reason for it to be there. And there never was.

Please good people. Do your research for the truth behind this never-ending scam.

1 month ago
Reply to  Joe Scales

Another skeptic loose amoung us! It’s easy to be a sour puss and denounce things, have an open mind for this and Skinwalker Ranch. After all, science has a big part in new discoveries. Ponder this, if you will, Einstein with no imagination – most of our theories/ideas would have never been born or come to light! Almost as bad as those who still don’t believe in UFO’s like my brother-hey all it takes is to look up instead of hiding ones head in the sand! Also, they won’t go away.

Kenneth Newman
Kenneth Newman
1 month ago

Those of us without cable have a LONG WAIT to find out what is happening on Oak Island. I would like to know MORE about what kind of finds have been made in the BAY, including what happened after those TWO cannons were observed in , “Beyond Oak Island”, in the last 2 years…….I’m sure some Canadian or Nova Scotia Museum would love to display those two cannons……..