The Curse of Oak Island: Team is visited by Nova Scotia’s top politician and the drill finally digs into the Money Pit

Rick Lagina gives a speech
Rick Lagina gave an emotional speech to the team as the ‘big dig’ finally got underway. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the giant oscillator drill finally began turning at the Money Pit, and the team started making friends in high places after a visit by Nova Scotia’s top politician, Premier Tim Houston.

After weeks of hearing about preparations for the ‘big dig,’ drilling finally began on last night’s episode. However, we had to wait until the last few minutes of the show before the giant oscillator finally began turning. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait at least another week before anything is revealed.

Marty Lagina assembled all the troops at the Money Pit and gave another one of his trademark emotional speeches. He thanked the guys for all their hard work and reminded them that they were part of something special.

The first 10-foot caisson to be driven into the ground was christened The Fellowship 1, or TF1 for short, and each member of the team signed the can, and some added a personal message such as “To all who were here,” and “digging for answers” and “for my brothers.”

Once this pageantry had come to an end, the honor of switching on the oscillator drill fell to Marty. The drill began turning just before the end credits started to roll.

Those folks who feel a little impatient with the progress so far should bear in mind that the new grab hammer will be able to pull up a whopping 11,000lbs of earth per scoop. If there is treasure down there, they should get to it very quickly.

Nova Scotia leader Tim Houston paid a visit to Oak Island

In the meantime, Billy Gerhardt showed he’s not only a wizard with a digger, but he’s also a shrewd political networker. He managed to arrange a visit to the island of Nova Scotia’s newly elected premier, Tim Houston. The position of premier is equivalent to a state governor in the US, so this is a man with a fair bit of clout and definitely someone the guys would like on their side.

Marty and Rick saw this as the perfect opportunity to show the premier what they’ve achieved on the island and what they are hoping to achieve. They explained how Nova Scotia’s Dept. of Communities, Culture, and Heritage (CCH) had limited their access to parts of the swamp after finding First Nation pottery.

The brothers tried to explain the importance of their work on Oak Island to the premier and stressed their frustration at being hampered by various government agencies.

The Lagina brothers seemed reasonably impressed with Houston, who definitely came across as sympathetic to the cause. He kept stressing the need for common sense to prevail and suggested a coming together of people and organizations to discuss a way forward with the current impasse at the swamp.

Oak Island team met with Premier Houston
The Oak Island team discussed their work with Nova Scotia premier Tim Houston. Pic credit: History

Oak Island team needs friends in high places to move forward

If all goes well, this could be great news for the future as it’s always good to have friends in high places to help smooth out any obstacles that could be encountered along the way.

The guys are terrified the CCH will someday try to shut down their work at the Money Pit, but having Premier Houston as a friend and ally might help prevent that.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Danny Smith
Danny Smith
1 year ago

I believe it was Rick who turned on the oscillator.

1 year ago
Reply to  Danny Smith

Rick made the emotional speech and turned on the oscillator. I know that the reviewers of this show have misidentified the brothers on multiple occasions. Do they even watch the show?

Charl Johannes Wiid
Charl Johannes Wiid
1 year ago

Why was Laird Niven “sort of side-lined ” by the show ?