The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s a new structure in the swamp, and the Vikings are back

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island
Rick Lagina is intrigued to hear that the Vikings may have worked with the Templar Knights. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team unearths a new ancient structure in the swamp, and they learn more about how the Vikings may have traveled to the island.

This week, the History Channel airs Season 11, Episode 18, of Oak Island, and the show is called May the Norse Be With You, an obvious clue that the Vikings/Norsemen will likely feature.

In the meantime, Billy Gerhardt has uncovered yet another human-made structure in the swamp, on this occasion, it’s a wooden wall. Geoscientist Ian Spooner is on hand to point out that the red clay found by the wall is the same material found under the stone roadway, which would “push it further back in time.”

Some theories on the roadway date it back 500 years and more, which could mean that this wall is incredibly old, too. We already have structures such as the paved area dating back to 1200. So, this new artifact is another piece of an increasingly complicated puzzle.

The guys have spent the last couple of weeks exploring the possibility that Templar Knights visited the island in the 13th century and constructed several stone monuments, including Nolan’s Cross, as markers for hidden treasure.

And last week, a discovery of an artifact that may be linked to the Vikings led historian Doug Crowell to theorize about a collaboration between the Templar Knights and the Vikings.

Did the Vikings and Templar Knights work together to bury treasure on Oak Island?

Professor Adriano Gaspani stated previously that only the Templars would have the know-how to build such structures in alignment with the stars in the 13th century, and Doug pointed out that the Vikings are thought to have reached the east coast of the Americas long before Columbus.

On tonight’s show, the guys welcome another expert who fleshes out the theory that the Vikings did, indeed, have a working relationship with the Templars. A revelation that delights Rick Lagina.

A wooden structure in the Oak Island swamp
Could this wooden wall found in the Oak Island swamp be hundreds of years old? Pic credit: History

The History Channel episode synopsis reinforces the above by stating, “The Brotherhood uncovers a new structure under the swamp, and a new theory suggests the Vikings worked with Templars to help them get to Oak Island.”

Lateral probe drilling set to begin at the Garden Shaft

The show has been awash with theories in the last few weeks, and viewers may be forgiven for wondering when they will get on with the digging. However, the Dumas miners are making steady progress in deepening and securing the Garden Shaft, and once that is done, they will begin lateral probing from the side.

Dumas has already recovered a lot of wood beams suspected of coming from the elusive tunnel leading to the Baby Blob, so we can expect their probe drill to start following that line either this week or next.

Hopefully, they can follow that ancient tunnel to the treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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