The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 update: Signs of digging and water pumping near the swamp

Close up of Rick Lagina speaking one-on-one to camera on Oak Island.
Rick Lagina will be determined to crack the puzzle this year. Pic credit: History

As fans of The Curse of Oak Island continue to wait out the summer hiatus, there are encouraging signs that work is progressing on Season 12.

The show isn’t expected to return to our screens until November 2024, but the Lagina brothers and their crew are likely already hard at work. The majority of the digging and filming are done during the summer months.

The work on Oak Island is highly secretive, and there are rarely any official announcements. However, regular readers will know about the Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway social media account that keeps fans updated on anything happening on the island.

The account is a personal blog run by a nearby resident, and they kindly post snaps of the island with teasing glimpses of the Fellowship of the Dig.

The blogger posted 12 beautifully sunny pics of the island this Sunday as they took a boat ride. These pics included shots of a long range excavator working near the swamp and Smith’s Cove. They also showed a water pump working in the swamp.

Another shot showed a vehicle from Choice Drilling, the company the Laginas often use for excavation.

This all likely means that Billy Gerhardt is back to excavating the swamp. Last season, the guys started digging in the far southeast corner of the marshy area, and they uncovered a number of strange features, such as a wooden damn-like structure along with a possible addition to the stone roadway network.

Oak Island team are back searching for treasure in the swamp

For several seasons, the guys have been slowly working on the swamp and its secrets. They hope to learn more about the stone roadway they suspect may have been built to transport treasure from ships to the Money Pit.

The Laginas also hope to find an old ship rumored to be buried in the swamp. So far, they’ve found ship-related artifacts but nothing to suggest a whole vessel is buried there.

The presence of the Choice Drilling truck can only mean one thing: more drilling for treasure in the Money Pit area.

Will Dumas continue excavating the Garden Shaft?

Unfortunately, there’s been no sign of the Dumas mining company, who spent most of Season 11 struggling to excavate the Garden Shaft. Their mission came to a halt when water, perhaps from a flood tunnel booby trap, came piling into the shaft. No doubt, the guys will still be trying to figure out a solution to this problem.

Finally, the blogger also snapped a pic of the Salty Dog, diver Tony Sampson’s boat. Tony conducts diving tours off the coast of Oak Island, so his vessel’s presence may be unrelated to the treasure hunt.

Or, fellow diver Alex Lagina could be enlisting Tony’s help to search the sea bed for more clues, as happened previously. It’s only an agonizing five months before we find out for sure.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 is expected to return in November 2024 on History.

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3 days ago

Fake show.

1 day ago

Thanks for the update.

Linda Fulmer
Linda Fulmer
1 day ago

I enjoy the show. I find it interesting. Repeats a lot, but sometimes I forget some of the info that has been given.