Is Eve leaving Days of our Lives now that Jack has his memories back?

Kassie DePaiva as Eve on Days of our Lives.
Is Eve leaving Salem? Pic credit: NBC

Things could be worse for Eve (Kassie DePaiva) on Days of our Lives. At least she doesn’t need a heart transplant like Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), and she hasn’t just been called brain dead as has Stefan (Brandon Barash). To clarify, he was shot and is on life support, no one is questioning his I.Q.

But on the other hand, she doesn’t exactly have a whole lot to live for, which means there’s a very real possibility she could be leaving Salem.

After Friday’s episode, viewers are speculating the odds of the blonde vixen throwing in the towel after a miserable run-in with Jack (Matthew Ashford).

Her reluctant husband popped up to apologize for saying she was guilty of demolishing the hospital lab. He then spills how he found Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) after she was kidnapped by the demented Dr. Shah who almost killed her. His love for Jennifer forced his memories to the forefront and his amnesia disappeared.

Eve is not impressed. She reminds him they are still husband and wife and why should she divorce him after he used her to get what he wanted? Jack asks her not to be so petty and mean. Afterward, Eve reflects about her murdered daughter Paige as well as losing Jack. What reason does she have to stay in Salem? It surely doesn’t look like she’ll be landing another high-profile political job anytime soon.

There is a hint about Eve’s fate, however! Explosive show spoilers reveal that next week Eve discovers Vivian (Robin Strasser) who is wracked with sorrow over the death of her son, Stefan (Brandon Barash). It’s possible these two could bond over mutual grief. Then again, they could book it out of town together, in another hint-hint, wink-wink moment that pays homage to their past days on One Life to Live.

Spoiler alert: Wally Kurth has major airtime starting in November, could he be Eve’s divorce lawyer?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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