General Hospital preview for next week: Nurses Ball encores take over

Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe on General Hospital.
Lucy Coe at the Nurses Ball in 2014. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has officially run out of filmed episodes and will move to encore presentations moving forward.

Taking a cue from the CBS soaps, General Hospital will run older episodes in the time slot they have. The first couple of weeks will feature several different Nurses Ball episodes. May 25 through June 12 will be under the same umbrella as viewers relive some of the best performances from the ABC soap actors.

Which Nurses Ball episodes will be airing?

The Nurses Ball-themed couple of weeks kicks off on Monday, May 25. General Hospital chose the 2014 version of the party of the year. The Nurses Ball is typically the center of May sweeps, which sadly, won’t happen this year.

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May 25 through May 27 will be all about the 2014 Nurses Ball. Performances by Liesl (Kathleen Gati) and Magic Milo (Drew Cheetwood). It has been one of the most-talked-about events since General Hospital brought the tradition back. Aside from the stellar performances, Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Luke (Anthony Geary) will be back on the smallscreen.

At the end of the week, the 2015 Nurses Ball will get two episodes. Viewers will get a chance to revisit Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) love story, including the proposal that was included at the yearly event. Duke (Ian Buchanan) will be a part of the show as well. It’s been a while since viewers were able to see him following his onscreen death.

Finally, Carly (Laura Wright) will bust Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Ric (Rick Hearst) for trying to take advantage of Jake Doe (Billy Miller). Remember, at this point, he had no idea he was Jason. Only later on did he realize that he was Jason Morgan, only to find out that was not the case and that he was Drew, Jason’s twin no one knew about.

When will General Hospital resume airing new episodes?

With this past week being the end of what was filmed back in March, it is unclear when production will be able to resume. General Hospital outlasted the CBS soaps with episodes in the can because they were still a bit behind from the impeachment trial that plagued daytime television back in December.

Currently, there has been no indication of when the actors will be able to return to work. Some have guessed June, while others think it may be at least August until they can return to film. This is an unprecedented event, and things in the soap industry may never be the same again.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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3 years ago

I have watched General Hospital for years. Lately your stories are “off the wall.” I know your writers can do better than what is currently being offered to your fans.

3 years ago

I Will Be Watching When GH Comes Back On With New Episodes Of GH. I Do Not Want To Watch Reruns Of GH.