Shameless Season 11 Episode 2 recap: Go Home, Gentrifier

Carl becomes a cop on Shameless
Carl joins the police force on Shameless, hoping to get dangerous crimes solved. Pic credit: Showtime

On Shameless at the top of the episode called Go Home, Gentrifier, Carl meets his new cop partner before the two hit the road.

Sadly for this Gallagher sibling, the guy driving the squad car is a goody-goody who refuses to get involved in anything for which he might be shot or for whom he may need to shoot.

In fact, he brags to Carl that he has done neither during his many years on the force.

The two go out to lunch — at his partner’s mother’s house. The most excitement they see is when they need to put on their siren to alert folks about a downed traffic light.

Finally, their boring shift ends and Carl is invited to go across the street for a beer.

The young police officer asks his new partner to join him but Carl is initially turned down. After some persuasion, though, he joins the 19-year-old for a cold one.

It turns out Carl’s married partner is a big partier.

He guzzles a huge jug of beer and then starts canoodling with a woman at the outdoor bar.

Carl meets a lady, too, but when the twosomes end up in stalls next to each other for their sexual escapades, the younger man just can’t deal with what is happening next door.

Frank examines his pot brownies on Shameless
Frank goes into the weed business with V and Kev on Shameless Season 11 Episode 2. Pic credit: Showtime

Frank insinuates himself into the weed business on Shameless

Meanwhile, Frank becomes a weed connoisseur for Kev and V since their supply has gone dry.

Frank being Frank, he buys from a heroin addict who is jonesing for her next fix.

Then, before they can do anything about it, Kevin and Veronica are swindled out of the vast majority of their profits.

Debbie and Sandy on Shameless
Sandy comforts Debbie after she gives Frannie a princess birthday party the five-year-old hates on Shameless. Pic credit: Showtime

Also on Shameless for the second episode of the Showtime show’s last season, Franny celebrates her fifth birthday.

Tami and Sandy try to help Debbie who has decided to throw her daughter an awesome princess party.

Unfortunately, Franny isn’t into princesses.

Still, Debbie is and always has been into princesses. So, she buys a whole bunch of paraphernalia to turn the Gallagher home into a proper place for a princess. She dresses like one, too.

Also, unfortunately, nobody from Franny’s class shows up to fete her on her birthday. To make up for that loss, the growing Gallagher family joins together to try to give her a good time.

Ian and Mickey don’t see eye to eye on Shameless

As for Ian?

He is not thrilled about his marriage to Mickey, who refuses to get a real job. So, in retaliation, Ian withholds sex from his spouse until he makes some legitimate changes.

Mickey turns up to apply for a job working where Ian works but, even for that minimum wage job, he is not fit material.

Always the bad guy, he steals a truck and then a dumpster filled with out-of-date food. Then, he sells his haul to a local cook.

Money flows his way, just not in the way Ian wanted, which was for his partner to earn a living while working on the straight and narrow.

Lip messes up on Shameless
Lip uses bright red spray paint to graffiti his house on Shameless’ Episode 2 of Season 11. Pic credit: Showtime

Lip keeps up with his home renovations but that does not sit well with his neighbors.

At first, they anonymously break his windows and throw trash in his yard, but soon they are caught.

At that point, Lip learns that because he has made the rundown house he rented for his family so nice, their Southside area becomes ripe for gentrification.

In effect, this will run up the rents, pricing out the people who have lived there for a long time. Soon, they won’t be able to afford to live in that neighborhood or, for that matter, anywhere else either.

So, Lip messes up his own lawn. He then spray paints the front of his house, telling gentrifiers to stay away in huge graffiti letters.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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