Exclusive Interview: Christian Isaiah has big plans now that Shameless has ended

Many Shameless fans had a hard time saying farewell to the beloved series. The popular comedy-drama had been airing on Showtime for over a decade, spanning 11 seasons, before the show aired its final episode. Young actor Christian Isaiah starred in the show for roughly four years, taking over the role of Liam Gallagher in


Shameless Gallagher House Party website: Here’s how it works and where to find it

After over a decade of love, tears, and foolishness, Shameless has finally bid farewell to its dedicated fanbase and notorious characters. At the very heart of the Showtime series was the Gallagher family and the home they shared together. In order to properly have a “last call,” Shameless dropped an interactive website called Gallagher House


Shameless Season 11, Episode 4: NIMBY recap captures the neighborhood’s new normal

Shameless is, well, shameless when it comes to how the last season is playing out. For the fourth episode in this final hurrah, all hell is breaking loose regarding the Gallaghers stake in Chicago’s Southside. Called NIMBY, this Shameless title’s meaning creates a double entendre. Not only is the word an acronym for the phrase


Shameless Season 11, Episode 3 recap: Frank and Franny’s excellent adventure

Showtime’s Shameless Season 11 returned for episode 3 on December 20. Cleverly titled Frances Francis Franny Frank, the fresh episode highlights a new Gallagher team: Frank and his grandaughter Franny. Their adventure begins when Franny refuses to go full out fem for the Miss Southside contest. Debbie insists she changes into a hideous dress so


Shameless Season 11 Episode 2 recap: Go Home, Gentrifier

On Shameless at the top of the episode called Go Home, Gentrifier, Carl meets his new cop partner before the two hit the road. Sadly for this Gallagher sibling, the guy driving the squad car is a goody-goody who refuses to get involved in anything for which he might be shot or for whom he


Shameless Season 11 premiere: The Gallaghers hit rock bottom on Chicago’s Southside

Shameless began its final season on Sunday with the Gallaghers facing plenty of problems. Of course, this is typical of how this crew trends to roll on Chicago’s Southside. Add in a pandemic, close quarters, and worsening financial woes, and the trouble-bound clan is ensconced in even more chaos. Currently, Ian and his new husband


Shameless sneak peek: Gallaghers rule during the Showtime hit’s last season [Pictures]

Many Shameless fans are already mourning since December 6 marks the start of the Showtime show’s final season. The celebrated streamer originally premiered in 2011 and boasts Showtime’s longest-running series about the quintessential dysfunctional family. In the new trailer for Season 11, Frank appears on camera as he strolls a desolate Chicago street. The Gallagher


Shameless Season 11 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Shameless Season 11, the final season of the long-running family comedy-drama, is coming to Showtime. Showtime’s Shameless, an American adaptation of Paul Abbott’s British original series of the same name, premiered on Showtime in January 2011. The series is currently the longest-running scripted series on Showtime and ranks among the network’s top shows. The comedy