Shameless Season 11 premiere: The Gallaghers hit rock bottom on Chicago’s Southside

Lip and Ian on Shameless
On the Season 11 Shameless premiere, Lip and Ian compared notes on their miserable lives. Pic credit: Showtime

Shameless began its final season on Sunday with the Gallaghers facing plenty of problems.

Of course, this is typical of how this crew trends to roll on Chicago’s Southside. Add in a pandemic, close quarters, and worsening financial woes, and the trouble-bound clan is ensconced in even more chaos.

Currently, Ian and his new husband are still living under the Gallagher roof. Ian wants them to get their own place, but Mickey has spent all their wedding money on his own pleasurable needs, leaving Ian to feel the need to talk finances with his spouse.

This discussion does not go very well since Mickey is a bit dense, but Ian tries his best. He’s looking to discern how the two should proceed as husband and husband during COVID-19.

Ian has a meager job and the bills are getting harder and harder to pay given that Mickey is not contributing. He also isn’t sure monogamy is in his makeup, even though he married Ian six months ago. Hopefully, their relationship can withstand the stress and other factors.

Debbie wears an industrial ankle bracelet on Shameless

Debbie is not great, considering she’s now armed with an ankle bracelet after her sex offender conviction.

She had been branded with this negative moniker after getting together with Julia, who is just seven months her junior. Still, Sandy stands by her friend/sex buddy by creating a social media account for Hot Sex Offender Debbie.

Lip is doing time that doesn’t involve breaking the law.

Since the oldest Gallagher male rented a broken-down house without Tami’s permission, he becomes her slave. However, Lip does what she asks while making certain changes to save money. Tami doesn’t notice and peace prevails.

Kevin and V get into the weed business on Shameless

As for Kevin and V?

The couple can’t openly operate their bar due to COVID-19 city restrictions, so they concoct other ways of making money.

Kevin uses the back room as a workout outlet for bougie types while in the closed bar and V peddles pot in all kinds of products, including brownies and gummies.

The Alibi’s regulars are still allowed into the place, but they are forced to use the back door to enter and leave so nobody suspects what is going on inside.

Carl is still on the cadet beat as a police officer. He takes to the job quite naturally, despite his low IQ and ignorance as far as the actual law is concerned.

And then there’s Frank, who has become the know-it-all about Chicago’s Southside as he takes a film student on a tour of his own beat.

Of course, while he’s being filmed, Frank does what he does best: He bulls**ts the filmmaker, making the entire area of the Windy City all about the winning Gallagher family and their amazing history.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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