Shameless sneak peek: Gallaghers rule during the Showtime hit’s last season [Pictures]

Lip creates graffiti on Shameless
In his effort against gentrification, Lip spray graffiti on the side of his house. Pic credit: Showtime

Many Shameless fans are already mourning since December 6 marks the start of the Showtime show’s final season.

The celebrated streamer originally premiered in 2011 and boasts Showtime’s longest-running series about the quintessential dysfunctional family.

In the new trailer for Season 11, Frank appears on camera as he strolls a desolate Chicago street. The Gallagher family patriarch spews a story about how the Gallaghers owned a bevy of bars in that neck of the woods “a hundred years ago.”

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The Gallaghers defend their ‘hood on Shameless

Sadly for this clueless clan, their South Side neighborhood is undergoing gentrification.

Frank claims the reason for this unwanted upgrading is that their haven has become too safe.

To reverse the situation, the family polarizes in a totally Shameless-style effort.

Lip adds bright red graffiti to the side of his house. He does this to “maintain a negative curb appeal” while Carl, who is now a member of local law enforcement, goes into military mode.

Shameless enjoys a last hurrah on Showtime
Shameless begins its last season with a bang as the Gallaghers try to destroy gentrification. Pic credit: Showtime

Predictably, Mickey takes the down and dirty route by readying knives and guns to terrorize local gentrifiers.

Mickey is gun ready on Shameless
Mickey gets gritty with his gun in hand on Shameless. Pic credit: Showtime

Meanwhile, marijuana has become legal in Illinois.

To that end, Kev uses the bar to take advantage of this new law.

Kev finds his weed safe raided on Shameless
The fight for the weed trade has its ups and downs for Kev on Shameless. Pic credit: Showtime

All kinds of marijuana munchies are selling so fast that Kev decides his family needs to look as “baller” as they have become.

Will Ian and Mickey live happily ever after on Shameless?

Ian and Mickey are wed on Shameless.
Is Ian glad he married Mickey? His expression says a lot. Pic credit: Showtime

The Season 10 finale of Shameless ended with Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

But does this problematic union have a chance?

Not likely.

If the fresh trailer is any indication, the wedded couple’s new status already proves shaky. Ian seems to be having second thoughts.

Will Fiona pull off a surprise visit for the last season of Shameless?

The last hurrah for Shameless marks the second season of the sensationalized show without Emmy Rossum appearing as Fiona.

Fans have missed the family matriarch, and so has showrunner John Wells.

Earlier this year, he told TV Line that he had high hopes Fiona will return during Season 11, at least in some capacity.

“I would love to have had her back the entire time… I’m very hopeful that her schedule… will align with our being at least able to get her back for a little bit,” he said in the interview.

Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher
Will Emmy Rossum return to Shameless? Fans miss Fiona. Pic credit: Showtime

Fans can only hope Fiona does head back home to Chicago, at least for a brief period of time.

Maybe Fiona will be on the small screen in Shameless in a cameo form much like McDreamy has done on Grey’s Anatomy this season.

Currently, the Season 11 Shameless cast includes William H. Macy (Frank), Jeremy Allen White (Lip), Kate Miner (Tami), Cameron Monaghan (Ian), Noel Fisher (Mickey), Emma Kenney (Debbie), Ethan Cutkosky (Carl), Christian Isaiah (Liam), Shanola Hampton (Veronica) and Steve Howey (Kevin).

Frank Gallagher on Shameless
On Shameless Season 11, Frank is, as usual, useless. Pic credit: Showtime

Shameless airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime starting December 6.

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