Will there be a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion?

Below Deck Down Under: Is there a Season 1 reunion?
Below Deck Down Under Season 1 has come to an end? Pic credit: Peacock

It’s been nearly a week since Below Deck Down Under Season 1 ended, and fans are wondering what’s going on with a reunion show.

The latest Below Deck spin-off was everything fans hoped for. There was even a familiar face in Aesha Scott and a hunky Captain Jason Chambers. In true Below Deck fashion, the show featured drama, demanding guests, flirtatious crew members, and a couple of firings.

Chef Ryan McKeown and Magda Ziomek got fired at the same time. They were replaced with chef Nate Post and Taylor Dennison, who each only appeared in a few episodes.

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion hit Bravo airwaves last night. While the Parsifal III crew members, minus Ashley Marti, gather to dish the season, there has been no word on a Below Deck Down Under reunion.

Will there be a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion?

Below Deck Down Under was the first Below Deck show to air as a Peacock original. The streaming service has become a great platform for Bravo shows to add to certain franchises, like Real Housewives.

While The Real Housewives of Miami, a Peacock original, too had a reunion show, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip did not. It turns out Below Deck Down Under will take a page out of the RHUGHT book.

Thanks to Aesha, Tumi Mhlongo, and Brittini Burton, fans know a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion is not happening. The three ladies got together to hold a mini-reunion via Instagram the other day, where they shared no official M/Y Thalassa crew gathering is planned.

As for why that’s the case, that remains unclear at this time. It’s not like the cast didn’t have plenty to hash out. Perhaps it was a scheduling conflict, or maybe the cast gathering will occur after Below Deck Down Under wraps its Bravo run.

Has there ever not been a reunion for Below Deck?

Over the years, Below Deck fans have come to expect the cast to get together and rehash the season. Although the cast crew used to gather in New York City to chat with Andy Cohen, the reunion shows have remained virtual following the coronavirus pandemic.

The only other Below Deck show to not have a reunion was Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Aesha was also on that season, as was her good friend Hannah Ferrier who just landed a new reality TV show.

Like with Below Deck Down Under, a reason for not having a reunion for Season 4 of Below Deck Med was not given. Chances are it had to with the high number of episodes in the season and cast schedules.

What do you think about not having a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion?

Below Deck Down Under Season 1 is currently streaming on Peacock.

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1 year ago

From now on I will wait until the season is complete before I watch. If there is no reunion, I just won’t watch that season. Bravo may consider when the crew leaves the boat the end of the season, but for me the viewer, the reunion is the season finale when questions are answered and secrets brought light!! STOP CHEATING IS OUT OF A REUNION!!

1 year ago

They need to stop interrupting the flow. Fan expect a reunion, and it’s not like the stupid virtual crap is expensive. Just film it. Isn’t it in their contracts that they have to make the time????

11 months ago

that’s where all the dilemmas come to an answer

Last edited 11 months ago by Sheli