Will chef Ben Robinson return to Below Deck Med for Season 6?

Ben from Below Deck Mediterranean reacts to rumors he replaces chef Mathew on Season 6.
Chef Ben is beloved in the Below Deck family and viewers would love nothing more than for him to make an appearance on the franchise again. Pic credit: Bravo

Speculation that Chef Ben Robinson will return to Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 runs rampant as chef Mathew Shea’s future on the yachting show grows more uncertain each episode.

The Below Deck family loves Ben. He’s considered the best chef in the entire franchise.

Ben began his reality TV stint with three and half seasons of Below Deck. He came in midway through Season 3 when chef Leon Walker, who’s rumored to be launching Below Deck Down Under, was fired by Captain Lee Rosbach.

Plus, Ben helped launch the first Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Med, in 2016. The chef also stepped in to help in Season 4 when Anastasia Surmava decided she wanted to go back to the interior.

So, could it be that Ben will return to reality TV after a nearly five-year hiatus?

Will chef Ben return to Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6?

The drama surrounding chef Mathew has been a pivotal storyline so far on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. Mathew’s anxiety and injured knee prompted him to leave the crew without a chef on the first day of the first charter.

It was a disaster that some viewers called payback to Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White for their actions on Season 5 of Below Deck Med.

Mathew has sparked speculation he won’t finish the season after previews for Season 6. Episode 5 features him losing it and quitting. The chef is seen walking off the Lady Michelle with his luggage.

Thanks to Mathew’s actions, Ben’s name has been thrown into the mix as a possible replacement. Sadly, Ben has made it clear over the past few years that he’s no longer in yachting, calling it a place for young people.

After his Season 4 stint on Below Deck Med, Ben spilled he retired from being a yacht chef. According to Heavy.com, Ben reiterated that sentiment in a recent Instagram Live with Bugsy Drake declaring he was too old for the Below Deck franchise.

What’s chef Ben up to these days?

Ben may have left yachting, but he will never give up his passion for cooking. Not only does he have a catering business but a website filled with tutorials and products.

Yes, fans can buy tools approved by the beloved chef. There is even a bandanna with Ben’s face on it that can be purchased for $15.

The chef also remains extremely active on social media, especially Instagram. Ben shares a slew of videos and pictures of his latest culinary works of art.

Even if chef Mathew Shea does quit Below Deck Med Season 6, chef Ben Robinson won’t be his replacement.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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