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Why did Slade leave Love Island USA?

What happened to Slade on Love Island USA?
Season 3 of Love Island USA just lost a guy that was going to shake up life in the villa. Pic credit: CBS

Why did Slade Parker leave Love Island USA? That’s the question fans are asking after the country hottie suddenly said goodbye to the villa.

Slade was only on the hit CBS reality TV show for a couple of days tops. The southern charmer immediately turned heads when he walked into the villa alongside Wes Ogsbury.

Olivia Kaiser was the one Slade intended to pursue. However, a date with Aimee Flores surprised Slade, and she was added to his list.

When Sunday night’s episode ended on CBS, it appeared Olivia intended to get to know Slade better. Olivia and Slade pairing up would have meant Javonny Vega would have been dumped.

A lot has changed in the villa since CBS viewers last tuned into the show. Slade is gone.

Why did Slade Parker leave Love Island USA?

Those who watched the Love Island USA Season 3 live stream on Paramount+ saw Olivia tell Javonny she wanted to keep exploring their connection. It turns out Olivia’s choice may not have been entirely hers.

After Olivia informed Javonny she was sticking with him, Slade told the islanders that he had to leave the villa. The 27-year-old had a personal family issue going on back home. He felt it was more important for him to be with his loved ones.

There wasn’t much information shared with the group, just that he had to exit the show immediately. Slade gave a sweet speech about his brief experience in the villa and getting to know his new friends and then he was gone.

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What does Slade Parker’s exit mean for recoupling?

Slade’s exit has shaken things up in the villa and with fans. Twitter was buzzing that Slade gave Olivia a heads up that he was leaving before the rest of the group, which is why she’s focused on Javonny again.

Only one guy will be dumped from the island now that Slade has left. It’s the girl’s choice, and at this point, there are a couple of wildcards.

Aimee and Cashay Proudtree once again find themselves interested in the same guy, Wes.

Cashay told her current partner, Isaiah Harmison, she was interested in getting to know Wes better. After a brief reinterest in Jeremy Hershberg, who only has eyes for Florita Diaz, Aimee has also turned her attention to Wes.

Yep, another Cash and Aimee love triangle is brewing. Something viewers are so over watching play-out on the show. As for who will end up with Wes, it all depends on which lady picks first.

Slade Parker has left Love Island USA Season 3 for personal reasons. Although viewers are sad to see him go, it means only one guy will get the boot at the recoupling ceremony.

Sadly, all signs point to Korey Gandy packing his bags since Florita wants liar Jeremy.

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Are you sad to see Slade go?

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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  1. REALLY sad Slade had to leave!!! He seems like a genuine southern gentleman who was a great addition to the cast! Sending prayers for his family..


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Love Island USA viewers think production sent Slade home because everyone loves Javonny
Love Island USA viewers think production sent Slade home because everyone loves Javonny