Love Island USA fans drag Florita over treatment of Korey

Love Island USA fans love Korey, take aim at Florita's shady behavior.
Love Island viewers want Korey to find a nice girl who deserves him. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans are dragging Florita Diaz over her treatment of Korey Gandy, who considers her the one he’s been waiting for to enter the villa.

Season 3 of the CBS reality TV show is in full swing, with viewers having strong opinions about each islander and couple. In the last recoupling ceremony, Korey didn’t think twice about picking Florita, saving her from elimination.

Korey has made it clear Florita is the only girl for him. Fans couldn’t have been happier that Korey found a connection. Unfortunately, in true Love Island USA fashion, Korey’s happiness didn’t even last 24 hours.

Florita Diaz expresses interest in Jeremy Hershberg on Love Island USA

Although Florita appeared interested in Korey at first, it now looks like she may have used him to stay in the villa.

The day after the recoupling, Florita was suddenly swayed by Jeremy Hershberg. Despite him lying to her face and causing girl drama with Aimee Flores, Florita shifted her focus to Jeremy.

Florita proved to viewers who she truly wants to be coupled up with when she encouraged Jeremy to kiss her. Now, as ladies recoupling looms, Love Island USA fans fear Korey’s headed home with a broken heart.

Twitter drags Florita Diaz for treatment of Korey Gandy

It didn’t take long for Twitter to get buzzing after watching Florita’s sketchy behavior on the CBS show. The social media platform is exploding, with users taking aim at Florita and Jeremy too.

Let’s be honest though, viewers haven’t liked Jeremy from the get-go and can’t wait to vote him off the island. The dislike of him is one of many reasons Twitter is not happy that Florita has flocked to him instead of Korey.

A couple of users shared GIFs noting Florita will be sent packing if she picks Jeremy, while another mocked her for being interested in a guy who called her a liar.

Other users lashed out a Florita, stood up for Korey, and slammed Jeremy, showing there’s a lot of Korey fans out there.

Fans blast Florita
Pic credit: @@JasmanianDevil7/Twitter
Fans love Korey on Love Island USA
Pic credit:@@CestMichaela/Twiter and @Pedantic_b/Twitter
Fans dislike Florita
Pic credit: @@MookieJamesJr/Twitter
Fans want Florita gone from Love Island USA.
Pic credit: @@blackpearl1962/Twitter

There is no question Love Island USA viewers are upset after watching the shadiness of Jeremy and Florita play out onscreen behind Korey’s back.

The future in the villa doesn’t look too bright for Korey Gandy. All signs point to Florita Diaz choosing Jeremy Hershberg in the next recoupling ceremony. It’s a bummer, too, because the Casa Amor twist is days away, which would give Korey a whole new group of ladies that could be his love connection.

One thing is for sure, if Florita ditches Korey, plenty of women are waiting outside the villa, willing to take a chance on him.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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