Love Island USA: Breaking down which lady gained the most Instagram followers since premiere

Love Island USA: Breaking down which lady gained the most Instagram followers since premiere
The Love Island USA ladies. Pic credit: CBS

There is a strong argument that people come to Love Island USA not for love but for social media fame.

Reality TV stars can end up making a lot of money just by becoming Insta-famous and picking up sponsors to pay them to promote products to their countless fans.

However, before a person can make a lot of money through Instagram, they need to gain plenty of fans on the site.

The more popular they become on Love Island USA, the more fans they end up with on Instagram.

Although Season 3 is just getting off the ground, the cast’s Instagram following has already begun to climb.

Through the first two weeks, here is a look at which of the ladies has gained the most fans on Instagram since the third season began.

1. Cashay – +15,239 followers

The most popular member of the Love Island USA cast isn’t even a close competition.

Cashay Proudfoot has become a massive fan favorite on the show and has helped turn many fans against Cinco and Trina just because they love Cash so much.

When Cash first showed up on Love Island USA, she had just over 7,000 total Instagram fans. Now, Cash is Insta-famous.

Cashay has picked up a series-high 15,239 new Instagram followers for an eye-popping and quite astonishing jump of 198.92% in new fans on the social media site.

No one came close to the total numbers or the percentage jump.

Love Island USA fans love Cashay Proudfoot.

2. Shannon – +10,100 followers

Shannon has been one of the most-searched-for stars of the entire Love Island USA cast.

The blonde beauty came into the villa as a woman who recently dated a millionaire and now is looking for either true love or social media fame.

For love, she has stuck with Josh despite his wandering eyes, and for fans, she has picked up the second-most fans on Instagram of anyone on the show.

Shannon came to Love Island USA with over 35,000 fans and she has picked up 10,100 new followers for a total of 45,600, a jump of 28.45%.

3. Trina – +3,900 followers

Trina has made a lot of fans mad through the first two weeks, but she also has picked up a lot of followers on Instagram.

Trina made her presence known. She paired up with Jeremy and then left him for Cinco. By doing so, she betrayed the trust of a friend in Cashay and soured many fans on her.

However, It didn’t stop her from picking up new fans on social media.

Coming into Love Island USA, Trina had just over 16,000 fans. She picked up 3,900 new fans for a total of 20,100, a 24.07% jump.

4. Kyra – +3,700 followers

Kyra ranks low for the total percent of new followers. However, this is because she had more followers than any of the original women who started on the show.

Kyra had over 60,000 followers on Instagram before she started appearing on Love Island USA.

While she has had more new followers than Aimee and Olivia, the 3,700 new followers only gained her 5.79% new Instagram followers. She ranks fourth for all the ladies on Love Island USA for new followers and is sixth in percent gain.

5. Olivia – +3,125 followers

Olivia ranks fifth for the remaining of the original women on Love Island USA when it comes to total new followers with 3,125.

However, that jump is huge for the lovely lady. Her jump in Instagram followers was an eye-popping 39.68%, which is the second-biggest jump of anyone outside of Cashay.

Olivia started out with fewer than 8,000 Instagram followers, and she now has 11,000 people following her on the social media site after her two weeks on Love Island USA.

6. Aimee – +3,049 followers

Aimee came on as the first new girl introduced after the original girls got started.

This put her behind the others in fan recognition, but only slightly.

She has gained fewer new Instagram followers than anyone except the more recent newcomer Florita, with only 3,049 new followers.

However, she ranks high on percentage gain. Aimee had just over 9,000 followers when she started the show and has gained 33.32% more followers, which ranks as the third biggest jump behind only Cashay and Olivia.

7. Florita – +1,700 followers

Florita had the least chance of making a big move when it came to followers compared to the other ladies on Love Island USA.

First, she is one of the newest and has only been there a few days.

However, even more important is that she had more Instagram followers than anyone when she joined the cast as an Islander.

Florita had over 90,000 followers when she came on the show, which was almost 30,000 more than the closest competitor (Kyra). With that said, in just a few days, Florita has already gained 1,700 more followers.

While she ranks last in total percent rise and in total new followers, she still has 25,000 more followers more than Kyra.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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