Love Island USA voting 2021: Here’s how it works

How to vote on Love Island USA 2021?
Viewers have the opportunity to shake things up in the villa but only if they vote Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA voting 2021 has begun and it’s time to remind viewers how it all works.

Season 3 of the hit CBS summer reality TV show is in full swing. The new crop of islanders had their first recoupling the other day after a slew of drama ripped through the villa.

Christian Longnecker was sent packing when none of the ladies chose to couple up with him. As of now, the villa remains full of couples with no singles making ploys for certain guys or gals.

All of that’s about to change with one new guy, and three new ladies headed to shake things up on Love Island USA. The newbie’s fate or at least a date or two lay in the hands of America, as do a lot of things on the show.

So, as the voting begins and becomes crucial to impacting life in the villa, it’s time to revisit how to vote on Love Island USA 2021.

Love Island USA app

First and foremost, viewers need to download the Love Island USA app. It’s the only way for fans or haters to get involved in the show.

The app is free and filled with lots of extras from the tropical paradise. There is exclusive content, like a villa tour and behind-the-scenes pictures for fans to enjoy.

How does Love Island USA voting work?

Once the app is downloaded, make sure alerts are turned on so you know when voting begins. Those who watch the show live will know when it begins because narrator Matthew Hoffman spells out all the details towards the end of the episode.

Matthew will tell viewers what they are voting for, such as choosing a date for the new islanders, voting off couples, voting off singles, and other fun things the show wants America’s input on. The voting time frame is pretty narrow too. It usually lasts about a half-hour after the show ends eastern time and pacific time.

There is a limit on the number of votes a person can do too. Each person can only vote once on the Love Island USA app per device. The kicker is only two devices are allowed to be registered to the same person, which ultimately means a person can vote twice per voting session.

Be sure to think about your vote carefully because once the vote is cast, there is no changing or canceling it.

Don’t worry though, voting for Love Island USA 2021 is much easier than it seems. Get the app, and everything else falls into place.

Will you vote on Love Island USA Season 3?

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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